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First impression I had about is that it looks neat, but too neat and bare that it seems like a template to me. It also seems dull for an online store. Anyway, is another site vending purely generic meds, and is from Estonia. The odd thing I find about this site is that it does not disclose when its operation started. I can’t find any of that information from within the site. Normally, online stores of any kind (even the ones which are not pharmacies) disclose where they are based and their year of starting the business. It’s just unusual that a site doesn’t let people know a thing about it, especially the basic, need-to-know information.

As for the meds, the ones offered by this site are generic prescription and non-prescription drugs, and some herbal meds for certain health conditions. These medicines can all be ordered without prescription, but clients are advised to get checked by a doctor first before ordering. As to where the meds are sourced from, the site does not tell. That is tricky, because clients are not able to know where the drugs come from. As for the FDA approvals, the site does not also say if its products are approved by any FDA from any country.

Since this site is selling generics, we can assume that it has cheap prices for the ED meds. Its Sildenafil costs $1.62 to $2.14 each for the minimum purchase of 30 pills, and can get as cheap as $0.69 to $1.07 for the wholesale amount of pills. Sildenafil is offered in 50, 100, 150 mg, and Professional variants. As for Tadalafil, the price is from $1.75 to $2.31 each for the minimum purchase, while for the wholesale, prices are as low as $0.91 to $1.01 each, depending on the active ingredient contained by the pill.

In case of orders, this site only accepts credit card payments. Shipping may be through Airmail (10-15 days) or EMS (5-10 days). This is the rates the site charges the clients with for shipping:

International Airmail:up to 60 pills = $10;up to 180 pills = $14;above 181 pills = Free Shipping Express Mail Service: up to 60 pills = $18up to 180 pills = $25above 181 pills = Free EMS Shipping

I know what you’re thinking. “What if I did not get to receive my order?” From what the site says, the company provides full refund and free reshipment for damaged parcels, missing orders, and non-delivered shipments. For damaged and incomplete orders, the clients must be able to contact the store within 10 days of receipt of the damaged/incomplete goods to be able to qualify for the refund or free reshipment.

The company may only be contacted through leaving a message in the space allotted for messages. There are email addresses to contact the site by, depending on the nature of concern the clients are having. For mainly customer support, the site can be emailed at [email protected], while for business related concerns, the email is [email protected] The company may be called also at +1 909 939 4422 (Direct Line) and +1 855 409 0999 (US Toll Free), from 2:00 am to 11:00 pm EST during Mondays through Fridays. Reviews:

No client feedback can be found within the site. There are also no available reviews for in the internet. It is hard to gauge a site’s reliability without reviews and client feedback, so the fact that this site had none makes me wonder about its authenticity. This may as well be another con site that we all should steer clear of.

Selectmeds Reviews 2016: Trust Rating Trust Rating

As the result of Sam Adviser indicates, this site is a “New Site” involving a “High-Risk Country”. The site was rated “55% safe”. That rating is higher that most of its online counterparts; but, there is still much risk when it comes to dealing with this site, because there is still no proof to what kind of service it offers.

Even if it did have great service and effective products, my doubts still cannot be proven otherwise due to the absence of reviews essential to establishing the site’s good reputation. As there were no reviews for the site’s previous years in operation, there are also no current reviews available for this site.

Select Meds Coupon Codes: Bonus Pills Bonus Pills

As for discounts, the pharmacy did not have coupon codes or special offers, especially for newbie clients. What this site has though, is free EMS shipping for large orders, starting from 240 pills of a drug. Also, starting from a 90-piece order, the company gives away 8-40 bonus pills, depending upon the quantity of the meds to be purchased.

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