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I feel like I am about to review a secure source for Levitra, Viagra and Cialis.

Selfserverx is based in USA and according to what I read on their website suggests that they have no plans for sending spam messages and any unsolicited material. The online store was founded in 2003, believing that erectile dysfunction and hair-loss are better diagnosed through online consultation- it might be true that consumers prefer to be more honest online.

The online store sells Viagra, Chantix, Cialis, Staxyn, Stendra, Levitra and Propecia. If I do my calculations well the average cost of these products should be: 100mg, 3 Tablets, of Viagra for $242.00; 1mg, 53 Tablets of Chantix for $500.00; 20mg, 3 Tablets of Cialis for $262.00; 10mg, 4 Tablets of Staxyn for$215.00; 20mg, 3 Tables of Levitra for $230.00 and 1mg, 30 Tablets, of Propecia for $205.00. I must confess that the products here are quite expensive, but I am more inclined to safety and quality. I have a feeling the consultation fee of $90 is inclusive if I make an order.

Selfserverx claims to deal with FDA-approved and domestically manufactured medications. They have fully complied with HIPAA, so I expect confidentiality and privacy to be top notch. If I am to make an order, I am supposed to select a quantity of the medication on their specific list, log in or register as a new customer, complete a consultation (free or charged) and check out. Before I check out am supposed to be reviewed by a SelfServeRx U.S. licensed physician; The approval gives me the go ahead to purchase through credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

I get the feeling that the only charges to expect should come from the cost of the products I have selected and the associated shipping fee. Delivery is made through FedEx and USPS Express Mail. With FedEx I found services like: Next Day (delivery made in the next business day), Priority (delivery made in 2 business days and Express Saver (delivery made in 3 business days). If I should choose the USPS Express Mail method then my product should arrive in 1-2 business days- location matters. By using adult signature during delivery must be a strategy to prevent the medication from falling into the wrong hands.

I found out that the online store monitors emails and phone requests. I called their Toll Free Customer Support: (866) 460-1925 in Mountain Time to confirm about the refund policy. Since the products are FDA approved prescription medication, they may not be returned once delivered and any concern should be directed through their customer service department. I will be cautious not to make any error since most of the products are bought in bulk. Reviews:

If you know me, then you will possibly know my criteria of assessing online pharmacy services: I conclude that the product has a 100% reliable products after reading authentic consumer reviews. I searched the internet and was lucky to get a recent editorial review based on customer reviews. Selfserverx has an overall rating of about 4 on a scale of 1 to 5, getting most of the points from its product quality, customer service and ease of delivery. Its poor ranking was due to the price and website interface usability. testimonial testimonial

On december 03, 2009, a customer known by his account name Mars gave the online pharmacy an overall ranking of 3.6 on a 5 star ranking scale. He said, “As advertised. Front end is a little clunky, several e-mails advising you of every step in their processing and delivery system. e-mail from US physician also. Drugs were delivered quickly and were effective. All as advertised, but terribly overpriced when compared to other choices on the internet (but of more dubious quality).” His main concern was direct to the high cost of products.

The other customer , Dunx, had less words to say when he made his review on March 09, 2015. He too was not impressed by the prices and thus gave a 2.5 overall rating. The only positive thing was on the quality of the product. This is what he said, “F£&ok me they are expensive.Outrageous prices, even for branded products.”

I must admit that, from the customer review, price will be my major issue if I am on a budget. If the cutomer has hie or her finances right, I highy recommend this product based on quality and customer service. testimonials testimonials

Selfserverx Reviews 2016:

I have done my independent research and came across a review that suggests that this site might not be safe to use and trust rating was low. The high risk status on this site is because the website is not an approved online pharmacy. The website may contain malware and other suspicious software. The website is less than a year old, but I can see that it is hosted in either Canada or USA, the owner might be in America.

I take time to review this information carefully to determine of other countries are involved. Matters like this does require more research before purchasing or sharing information in this site. If the website has been listed as a threat, I have to take extra precaution because the product might also be harmful. It is easy for a customer to be scammed when making purchase just because of the offers that are available. I recommend that interested parties should invest in time, just like me, until that the facts about Selfserverx are genuine. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Self Serverx Coupon Codes:

We all show interest in deals, this is what connects us with manufactures and suppliers. To make it a win-win situation, it is necessary that the online store offers discounts for first time buyers. As of August 16th, 2016, I found 7 coupons available:

  • Buy Stendra Products Starting at $180.00
  • Buy Propecia Products Starting at $194.00
  • Shop Staxyn Items Starting at $200.00
  • Shop All Levitra Products Starting at $215.00
  • Buy Viagra Products Starting at $217.00
  • Shop Cialis Items Starting at $235.00
  • PROPECIA™: 30 Tablets for Only $170.00

When I redeem the offer I was redirected to the main website where the code is not necessary. As required, I am supposed to have an account for this to be effective. I am expected to go through the purchase method and eventually be cleared. Discount Offers Discount Offers


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