Closed: Where Is Another Steroids Pharmacy?

The U.S., Europe, and Hong Kong united efforts to form the Operation In Our Sites, a project that intends to find websites that sell counterfeit goods. Under this operation, one of the seized stores is, an online pharmacy that specializes in selling anabolic steroids worldwide. If you tried to access the website, you certainly came across a message left by the law enforcement agencies who closed the store. has been Seized has been Seized

Online pharmacies are a great source of affordable meds. These stores typically outsource meds manufactured from different places at much more discounted rates. The prices of medications sold locally are much higher, sometimes surpassing the budget of many people. With the number of affordable online stores increasing, these stores are becoming a major threat to the leading pharmaceutical companies. In order to continue to thrive in the pharmaceutical industry, bigger companies frequently put small stores out of business without any warning. By doing so, the consumers have no other choice than resorting to locally sold meds. Reviews

If you are a sports person and practice bodybuilding, you are probably familiar with This online shop specialized in delivering anabolic steroids directly from the manufacturer. You were able to buy several types of steroids (injectable or oral), growth hormone, weight loss pills, and drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. The store’s bestsellers included testosterone, nandrolone, and trenbolone. The company specified the manufacturers of their products, even though nothing was mentioned regarding the safeness of these, i.e., if they were approved by the European-FDA or not. According to, the drugs were manufactured by Bayer Schering, Eurochem labs, Genesis, Alpha-pharma, Balkan Pharma, or British Dispensary. Main Page Main Page

The website was fairly known among consumers, particularly bodybuilders and sportsmen. The drugs were more expensive than what people were used to, and the shipping fees were around 15 euros. From the reviews available online, very few customers were satisfied by the service provided by These clients believed to be a legit source with effective products. However, a higher number of previous customers complained how they got ripped off and never received the drugs. The store’s reputation suffered severely over the years, being listed as a rogue pharmacy at one point of its life. According to Scam Adviser, the store was based in Belgium and was evaluated as a 53% trust score. Alternatives

If you were looking for steroids to increase your performance and modify your body, you are probably interested in finding another store that specializes in distributing effective anabolic steroids. With shut down, you need to find another viable alternative to provide you with your meds. And we can help you with that. We compiled a list of vendors on our website, describing which products they sell. By exploring our website, you will be able to find pharmacies that provide the type of meds you need at the best rate in the market. More importantly, pharmacies which provide safe, approved, and effective drugs that will guarantee the results you need.

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