Review – Steroid Shop Known for Selling Fake Products Home Home is a steroid site with a number of inventory warehouses across Europe. It started its business in 2008, selling various types of anabolic steroids and bodybuilding products sourced from “top manufacturers” worldwide. What I appreciate most about this site is that it has ample information for the order process, unlike its online steroid store counterparts, which are quite skimpy about the necessary details.

There was no mention of the products being approved by the appropriate drug-regulating bodies, but’s products are mostly from famous steroid manufacturers which are cleared by the FDA. I have discovered that clients may freely order products from without the need for prescription; it’s a question for me since steroids are not allowed to be sold online, let alone without the proper prescription.

Aside from anabolic steroids and bodybuilding products, also has products available related to men’s health, like the ED meds. has branded meds from well-known manufacturers, unbranded generics, and famous ED meds from renowned Indian-generic manufacturers. sells Viagra (Pfizer) for only $14.12 for the 4-pill blister, Cialis (Lilly ICOS LLC) for $9.41 for the 2-pill blister, and Levitra (Bayer AG) for $25.88 for the 4-pill blister pack. I am surprised with the site’s prices for these products, as these are actually cheap prices for the mentioned branded ED meds.

Clients are asked to pay for their orders using a number of options, but excluding credit cards payments as an option. Bank transfers, Bitcoin payments, MoneyGram, US Money Express, and Western Union payments are the ones accepted by

For the shipping, there are a number of options which clients can use like DHL, GLS Logistic, or EMS ($58.82), Express Mail or Registered Airmail ($14.12), and Registered Mail ($11.76). I find it nice that the site was one of the few steroid sites which actually list their shipping rates (and payment options) for the clients to see. Most steroid sites are actually secretive regarding this area, for some unknown reason. wasn’t able to discuss its policy regarding non-delivered orders, but it mentioned customs seizure in its FAQ (yep, it has an FAQ section, unlike the typical steroid sites). According to, there is a 3-5% chance of customs seizure for the products and in any event it occurs, is able to reship once and for free; however, it does not reship to these following countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.

There’s one thing I have noticed, though; all the products of the site were out of stock. I have checked almost all of the items and all of them were not available. Moving on, the clients may only be able to contact using the allotted contact form, as the site does not list any contact information for its clients to use. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

I was able to find a thread concerning from and several people were discussing’s products. The earliest post I was able to find (in the thread) was from DK, who had an experience ordering from the site about 6 years ago. According to him, he was able to purchase from the site several times, and it had a “very, very fast service”. His concern, though, was that he was given a fake product. He advised others to order, but to stay away from the “commonly faked items”.

The next few responses were mainly from clients saying that the site sells fake gears for users. Another user, Kamil89 (posted 5 years ago) mentioned that he tried to contact the site, but received no response from the site’s end.

Shopmusclefit Reviews 2016:

Shopmusclefit Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Shopmusclefit Trust Rating by Scamadviser

The most recent response on the thread for found on was from 5 years ago; after that, no responses were retrieved for the site. There were no 2016 reviews for anywhere, so I checked Scam Adviser to see whether may be trusted.

Regrettably, the result for isn’t good. The site was only given a 26% rating out of the possible 100 and was labeled “high-risk” by Scam Adviser. The malware was also detected for the site, along with a “rogue” status warning for it. Since the results were not at all, pleasing, I think it’s not a good idea ordering from the site, knowing its status.

Shop Muscle Fit Coupon Codes:

Regarding discount offers, unfortunately, the site had none. There were no coupon or voucher codes available for clients on the site, and there were also no free shipping or freebies available. There was a “special offer” tab, but the site did not list anything under it.

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