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According to the scoop on, it is an online store with no physical location. There is an indication that its origin in the European Union. They don’t indicate when they started running the store.

The store leading assortment includes slimming products, beauty products, and sexual enhancement drugs. On the sexual stimulant counter, Viagra (Sildenafil) is selling at $31.30, for 10, 100mg tablets, while Cialis (Tadalafil) is vending at $52.88 for 8 caps of 60 mg.

The fact that they are selling generic drugs, it’s only safe to assume that they are selling FDA approved drugs. This is, howeve,r not explicitly stated on the site. accepts PayPal, Credit Card payment, Bank wire transfers, Money Gram, Bitcoins, and even Cash in some countries such as Portugal. However, for security purposes, they do advise the clients to limit the information that they disclose while making the bank wire transfers to guard the privacy of the clients. That’s seem like a nice gesture to me.

My order is filled, shipped and delivered within 3-21 days. I can choose between, EMS which takes an average of 1 to 5 days to be delivered depending on the location and CTT-International/ CTT-PayPal/ CTT-COD which takes somewhere between 5 days to 20 days. The shipping cost is $6.47. This is not stated on the site but when I clicked on add to cart on a mock purchase that is the cost that was automatically charged.

Due to federal and local laws, the store cannot receive medication back after they have been dispatched. But if for some reason my order does not arrive or was lost, after checking with the company and confirmation of non-delivery of the order, they promise a re-ship. If I decide to cancel the order after the dispatch process, I will be responsible for payment of shipping ports.

Since there is a live chat on the site, I decide to engage the customer support in clarifying a few things. The reply took long to come back, and I must continue with the review. Probably they will have responded by the time I finish, and I will update you on that.

Customer Service Support via Live Chat on
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on

Sibutraminapharma Reviews:

There was a considerable number of positive feedbacks from the current and previous clients.

For example on 04/10/15 Fabiano says that he was happy to find an honest store which is not a scam with excellent products.

Alessandro on 04/9/2015 noted that his order arrived in 3 days before the deadline and thanks the store for their outstanding services.

Emmanuelle’s sentiments on 04/8/2015 were, “I have shed 16 Kgs in 3 months. I passionately recommend this site. It is a serious and efficient store.”

Sibutraminapharma Reviews
Sibutraminapharma Reviews

Sibutramina Pharma Reviews 2016:

Anita thanks the site for excellent services and would want to order other products from the site.

On 11/9/2016 Katiuscia noted that his order seems to have perfectly worked within a month.

Alino received his order 4 days after ordering it. He is also thankful that the customer support made follow-ups with emails.

Sibutramina Pharma Reviews 2016
Sibutramina Pharma Reviews 2016

However, only a half baked person would 100% trust such reviews coming from the site itself. I mean any sensible person would censor any pessimistic feedback to give the impression that their business is flawless. To me, such behavior is totally unacceptable, and unless I get independent reviews from other sites, such reviews cannot be relied upon.

Safety Report of Sibutramina Pharma Reviews 2016 by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Sibutramina Pharma Reviews 2016 by Scamadviser

As earlier noted unless I get positive feedback from independent reviews site, I am only human not to feel safe in transacting with any particular site. For this reason, the feedback I got from are a bit discouraging as they believe that the site could be unsafe and awards 37% safety rating to this store which is too high for also notes that the site is based in Panama, but its actual location is concealed. Coupon Codes:

To widen their market share, online drugs stores offers a manifold of coupons for the clients to redeem while purchasing from them. This is meant to entice them to purchase from their stores. However, has none of these, mainly because they don’t have anything to sell at all or who knows what markdowns they give to their clients.

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