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The well-muscled men are a dead giveaway as to what this site sells. The domain also implies the same; is not a vitamin-supplement site, but a steroid-selling site. has been selling these substances from 2008 until now, providing pro muscle-men and newbie enthusiasts the steroids they need. I think the main reason why this site was put up was to make various steroids more accessible to the bodybuilding population, as these substances are rather hard to come by.

The site is selling 100% pharmaceutical grade steroids which are 100% pure, and not backyard concoctions found in several sites selling counterfeit steroids. Well, this is according to what the site says anyway. Steroids, based on what small knowledge I have regarding the dispensing of meds, are illegal to obtain without having valid prescriptions. Since these steroids being sold here can be easily obtained without being required anything, these are sold (presumably) rather illegally. A word of caution to those of you thinking of ordering: steroids are not like cold medicines or other drugs that you can take without having to worry about side-effects. This is serious stuff, so if you want to purchase steroids, you should get properly assessed by your GP first, for possible preexisting conditions that might be able to affect the result you will get from taking the hormones.

Anyway, I am not here to talk about steroids and the like; I am trying to look for Erectile Dysfunction meds from sites like this one. Fortunately, this site is not only selling steroids for clients, but it also has some other meds too, like the ones for weight loss, anti-depressants, and the ones I’m specifically concerned about the ED medicines. This steroid site has ED meds, though just two variants, to be exact. has Kamagra tablets and Oral Jelly from AjantaPharma, a renowned manufacturer of generic medications. Kamagra tablets here are sold for $25 per pack of 4 tablets containing 100mg Sildenafil. The Kamagra Oral Jelly is much cheaper, as it is sold at $100 per pack of 50 (100mg). Regarding the FDA approval of this ED brand, there shouldn’t be worries, as AjantaPharma is an FDA-accredited manufacturer. As for the steroids being sold here, I have no idea, as it is not indicated whether they are made by facilities which were approved by the FDA.

Payments on this site are done by Money Transfers, as they are easily cleared. After payment is confirmed, the company shall ship the orders within 24 hours by Unregistered Airmail, Registered Airmail, and Express Mail Services. I have noticed that the shipping rates for this site are way expensive than its counterparts. The site charges $35 for the UK and European orders via Registered Airmail (7-21 days), and $55 for the rest of the countries. A fee of $55 is also asked from clients for orders shipped via Express Mail and is applicable for UK and Europe orders only. This just takes 4-5 days. The Unregistered Mail option has no price indication, but the site gives out a warning that this shipping option is not the “safest,” and has a risk of being seized by Customs. What I like least about this site is that it takes no responsibility for losses when it comes to the deliveries. There are no refunds and returns, and the site can only reship 50% of the original order amount if the client receives an order letter. So buying here is a total gamble.

For further questions, the clients are advised to contact the company by accomplishing the contact form provided on the site. There is no other way to contact the side apart from this one; there are no phone numbers, addresses, and e-mails posted on the site. To me, that is a large concern, as I prefer sites with visible phone numbers or postal addresses. Sites usually without essential information have a lot to hide, so I have the inkling that this is probably a scam.

Size Vitamins Reviews:

Size Vitamins Reviews
Size Vitamins Reviews

I was surprised by the amount of external reviews of this site, but this is not the kind of reviews I was expecting to find. Almost all of the reviews are negative recollections of the clients’ awful experiences with the site. The word “scam” recurs in almost all of the client reviews of the site.

A client review from shared blatantly that the site is a “complete scam,” and in all-caps. He sent the payment through western union but 2 months later, still no package and no replies from

The reviews from are no different from those I’ve found in Almost all of the comments I’ve found in sitejabber are angry comments of clients who were ripped-off by the site.

Glen C., a client who bought from the site, related that he and his friend were scammed by the site and was stolen from with about $900. The client told in his review that the owner of the site, David Langley was a pro at scamming, and was scamming people even in

Aydin and Celenia were also clients ripped-off by this site. It is noticeable that these client reviews were dated years apart, but they share the same sentiments. My only question is that why is site still running? It’s a good thing that these reviews exposed this sinister site. I hope that more users find out about this scam site, so that they will avoid ordering from it and save themselves the stress and hassle of having to deal with con site. Reviews 2016: Reviews 2016 Reviews 2016 Scam Analysis by Scamadviser Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

There is a recent review of this site from Jason J., who posted just March 26. According to him, the site operators are thieves; they took his money and never sent him anything. This site should be exposed more, and people should know about this so that no one will be stolen from by this site anymore.

The review of Scam Adviser is totally in-sync with the furious clients’ reviews of the site. For safety, got a zero rating. This means that there is a 100% risk of getting scammed by this site. I feel so sorry for the clients who were ripped-off by this site, and I hope that more will know that this site is no more than a stealing, conning, scam site.

Sizevitamins Coupon Codes:

No coupons were given away by the site, and there is nothing more than the products on the site. I think that the owners didn’t even sweat their brows coming up with discount schemes as these discounts would just diminish their loot.

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