Review – Online Pharmacy Tagged as “Rogue” and “High-Risk” Main Page Main Page is an online pharmacy that I used to read on Google. Upon checking on it today though, it looks like this website is no longer available and the pharmacy is no longer in operation. With my curiosity, I went ahead and checked out

According to a third party website, used to offer quality medicines at the lowest price possible. The medicines they offer on this website were generic and they don’t require a prescription prior to dispensing medicine. Further information revealed that this site could have been operating since 2004. Date as to when it closed down was not available as well as the location of the pharmacy during its operation.

From, customers can get medicines such as skin care medications, pain relief medicines, drugs to men and women’s health, and ED drugs. Among their best sellers were ED drugs which were one of the cheapest at the time. A generic Viagra pill costs $0.36 and generic Cialis costs $0.76. They used to offer generic Levitra at $1.2 per pill. All medicines offered by were FDA approved.

Ordering from is pretty easy with the payment method they had. They used to accept credit card payments of all kind. Once the payment is verified and the order is complete, the order will be shipped towards the customer’s preferred address.

Shipping can be either with Airmail such as US Postal Service or with EMS Courier. Shipping through Airmail is cheaper at $10 yet it takes at least 2 to 3 weeks for the order to arrive. This shipping method is not trackable. EMS Courier costs $20 and takes 3 to 8 business days for the order to arrive. Customers can track their order with this shipping method.

During its operation, there were two ways to contact That is through their telephone numbers. For their US customers, they had to call +1 760 284 3222 (US) and + 4420 3286 3820 for their UK customers. No information can be found whether this online drug store had a chat support system or a “contact us” page.

Another important information I got from a third-party website was the fact that they do money back guarantee, provided that the customer was not happy with the product they received. However, doesn’t honor the return of medicines in respect to international law and regulations. Reviews

Since is no longer active and the most part of the website is not available on web archives, finding information on how reliable the site was is very challenging. Most data I had are from third-party sites. I am now hoping that I can find a few customer reviews that I can use so I continue my research.

Unfortunately, customer reviews or testimonials are something that this site doesn’t have. Being skeptical that I am, I always prefer to buy from online pharmacies with customer reviews and feedback. I also prefer to buy medicines from online pharmacies with ratings provided by third-party websites. I don’t really trust a website with no customer reviews and if this site doesn’t have anyone to prove that they deliver, then there is no reason for me to buy from them (if they are still active today).

Since lacks review, I checked Reviews 2016 is a website that tries to unveil shady sites for the internet users to be aware of. A quick check with revealed what is. Trust Rating Trust Rating

According to, is not a safe site to use with its “low trust rating”. The website could be located in Lithuania but could be operating using a Chinese server. identified this online pharmacy as a high-risk website. is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

A check with, a monitoring, and verification service site for online pharmacies revealed that is a “rogue pharmacy”. This means that this website had not passed the standards set by If is still operational, I will totally ignore them because of these results from and Coupon Codes

Like any other online stores, also offered promotions and discount codes to their customers in the past. Offering coupons and running promotions is a sure way to invite potential customers to check what the store can offer and took advantage of it. Coupon Code Coupon Code

One code that is their 10% discount code wherein customers can just use the code “956532” to get 10% off their order. Perhaps this online pharmacy had offered other promotions in the past but since the website had been operational for a while, I just found this one promotion. Well, I always prefer online stores with free shipping or those who gave additional free pills when a certain amount of order is hit.

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