Review – Untrustworthy Vendor of Sleeping Tablets Main Page Main Page is an online vendor that started operating sometime in 2008 and was last operational in February 2016. Its location is unknown though it seems to be somewhere in Europe. Sleeping Tablets Online sells drugs ‘discreetly’, without a prescription even for prescription drugs. This is a vendor that majorly deals with sleeping tablets and antidepressants. It offers prescription Zopiclone and Prozac at what it describes as low prices. The average price of a Zopiclone Tablet is about $2. Payments for commodities bought can be made using a Visa Card, MasterCard, JCB credit and debits cards.

Medications ordered are dispatched after about 48 to 72 hours. Orders are sent via first class mail and no signatures are necessary as orders will be delivered to your letter box. A client can order 5 packs of a product at the same time i.e 4 packs plus one free. Products are usually delivered within 4 to 10 business days within the UK and 7 to 28 business days to the US and any other country. Shipping is free for orders above 2 packs but for orders of 2 packs and below, a shipping fee of $10 is charged.

Talking about the refund policy, does not give a refund but they promise to investigate each case and handle them objectively such that if they see the need to give a refund, they would and in full.

I would have tried to use Sleepingtablets-online contact support service but the site is down and there is no possible way to speak with any representative. But making reference to how orders are made, well, a BUY NOW link is clicked and the client agrees to the terms and conditions, medical precautions and patient responsibility as stated on the page. He is also required to fill a medical questionnaire before he is taken to a payment page to complete a transaction. Seems like pretty simple steps but a lot of proper procedures are absent. I was especially put off by the fact that prescription drugs were sold without a prescription from a medical professional. Very discouraging. Reviews

I set on a mission to source customer reviews left by individuals who have purchased drugs from this site and I will share with you what I discovered.

Rachel, who acquired some products from this site, mentioned that her order arrived in 3 days which is contrary to their stated delivery time. She as well mentioned that the package didn’t look like something coming from the overseas even though it appeared to be genuine products.

A comment left in October 2012 named Sleepingtablets-online a scam website because it delivered fake zopiclone. I tried to check out comments left by clients on some platforms and discovered that a lot of individuals who seem to have purchased from them talked about either receiving the wrong medications or being duped of their funds. This online pharmacy does not fit the bill of a trustworthy vendor to me and these reviews seem to agree. As a prospective buyer, I cannot confirm the credibility of this store and would rather acquire my medications from a trusted pharmacy with confirmed authenticity as per customer reviews. Reviews 2016

I noticed that Sleepingtablets-online has no good online reputation. It is regarded as an untrustworthy site. Sleepingtablets-online sure looks good and authentic but in actuality, is not. It is not capable of satisfying its clients as shown in the reviews left in prior years. Safety Level Safety Level Trust Rating Trust Rating is rarely visited which makes it unpopular on the internet. gives this vendor a 12% trust rating which is really nothing. Buying and browsing on Sleepingtablets-online were not recommended. gives no rating at all. A 0% rating shows that this site cannot be trusted at all. The probable location of the site is not known, the site itself appears offline, owner hides his identity, and drugs are sold without a prescription and termed ‘discrete’. These totally put me off. This online pharmacy is not to be trusted. Coupon Codes Special Offer Special Offer

I found only one special offer that was in use. Sleeping Tablets Online proposed that clients buy four packs of sleeping tablets and get one pack free thus saving about $62. This didn’t sound extremely appealing to me but could mean a lot to someone else. As such, I would advise that careful consideration is given to the overall performance of this online pharmacy. You sure do not want to fall victim to a scam site just because you were attracted by freebies.

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