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I find unique for the reason that it is the only South-African online pharmacy I have ever encountered. The prices are also different, as it is in the country’s local currency, and not in US dollars. But the site offers the currency in dollars too, for the convenience of international consumers like me.

But although the site is named “”, I have discovered that the company isn’t really located there. The site is actually situated in Cyprus, Greece, which is, by the way, somewhat far from South Africa. That is just deceptive that the site isn’t really in South Africa but is named from it.

As for the drugs being sold here, I was told by the operator that they actually are shipped from various parts of the world, as the company has different warehouses in several parts of the world. According to Jessica Gallant (the site operator), has a number of warehouses in the following: India, Hong Kong, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Sweden. Prescription generics are the ones mostly available on this site, and the company assures its clients that all the generic meds it sells are actually FDA approved—Indian FDA approved since India is the main manufacturing country for the generic medications. I have also read that though the meds the site is selling are prescriptions, the clients aren’t required to present Rx from their doctors in order to be able to avail the drugs. Although I see that the site was aiming for accessibility of the Rx meds, I think that it is probably not legal for a site to be readily dispensing prescriptions without the clients being advised properly by their doctors.

It is actually evident that the main meds is dealing with are the Erectile Dysfunction meds; to my delight, of course. actually offers a lot of variants for each ED variant, which means more for the clients to choose from. For example, the site sells several variants for Sildenafil—Brand Viagra, Generic Viagra, Caverta, Eriacta, Kamagra and its derivatives, Red Viagra, Jellies, and a whole lot more. There is a whole lot of items to choose from. As for the prices, they are affordable; Brand Viagra (or Pfizer’s Viagra) is being sold here only for $95.64 for 12 pieces of 100mg pills, whereas local pharmacies sell Viagra for much, much more. The same goes here for Brand Cialis (by Lilly)—the site is selling it for less than its market price. A pack of 12 pills (20 mg) of Cialis here costs only $85.44 and is super inexpensive as compared to the local pharmacy prices. The generic versions of these drugs are actually even cheaper. This site indeed offers great deals for the ED meds. Clients can save more buying here if ever is proven to be a safe place to purchase the meds online.

Shipping here costs about $10-$30, depending on the courier preference. offers shipping via Airmail and Express Mail delivery, as these are the two most common forms of shipping the parcels internationally. Clients can pay for the meds plus the delivery dues using Visa, MasterCard, and E-Checks. In the rare event that a parcel gets non-delivered or lost during transit, compensates the clients by either sending out another parcel to replace the order or just returns the clients’ payment.

Even if the site already has an FAQ section for the generally asked queries, but there sometimes are questions better answered by actual call operators. The site has live chat, so clients can ask whatever they wish from the pharmacy’s customer support. In the case of the uncommon event that the site’s Live chat service is unavailable, clients can also call these numbers: +1-800-109-585 (AU), +1-888-524-7141 (US), and +0-808-189-1420 (UK). Though an e-mail address isn’t posted, the site can be sent an email through the site itself.

Customer Service Support via Live Chat on
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on Reviews:

It would have been great to read client reviews regarding their experience with service. It is sad, though, that I wasn’t able to find even one. This is odd that there are no client reviews showing for this site since it looks like it had been an online pharmacy for long. Nevertheless, though I liked the site, I can’t trust it because it simply doesn’t have any form of review.

South-Africarx Reviews 2016:

South-Africarx Trust Rating by Scamadviser
South-Africarx Trust Rating by Scamadviser

2016 client or independent site reviews for are not available either. But luckily, I have Scam Adviser to thank for an analysis. I was hoping that the site could get an average to a high score from the analysis so that I could try this site out, but no, the rating was absolutely low. The site is a Zero! And being rated a zero for the security certificate and some other important factors, this site practically has the makings of a scam site. Therefore, there is no reason for me to even try this one.

South Africa Rx Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $200 on South Africa Rx
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $200 on South Africa Rx

Free airmail shipping is the only promo the clients are getting from this site. And this is for $200 and above orders only. There are not many offers here to help clients save; not that they would matter anyway.

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