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front Page of has claimed that it is offering people cheap and legitimate services in prescription medications. It is also doing wholesale along with online retail selling. Starlight Pharmacy is licensed online pharmacy that is providing fast, secure and discreet shipping methods. It is delivering its products worldwide including most of the countries. Starlight Pharmacy is located in Oklahoma, USA. It is offering an advantageous, private and moderate option to traditional prescription drugs for online sale. I cannot find out about its exact year of establishment though. Starlight Pharmacy is strictly following the FDA regulations.

Starlight Pharmacy offers ADD, ADHD, anti-anxiety, human growth hormone, men’s health, painkillers, general purpose pills, research chemicals, steroids, weight loss and women’s health. All products have very reasonable prices especially ED pills. The price of Viagra 100 mg tablet is $ 0.90 per tablet while the price of Cialis 20 mg tablet is $ 0.80.

Starlight Pharmacy is accepting Money Gram, Western Union, and Credit cards currently. I have not found any info about shipment method, and on further inquiry, I come to know that it has different shipment options for different countries. Shipment cost also varies from country to country and duration for delivery of an order is also different for different regions. The shipping charge within the US is 35$.

I am little confused about this service. I am worried about money wastage and poor quality of the product. Starlight Pharmacy is not offering the satisfaction guarantee; it will refund me my money only in case if do not get my order.

The best way to contact is through email, live chat or a contact number. Let me try its live chat to see if I can get real time assistance for my queries.

Chatting with Customer Service Representative of StarlightPharmacy
Chatting with Customer Service Representative of StarlightPharmacy

I must admit that I did not like the customer service. Very unprofessional greeting, it felt like I am chatting with a driver who does not have time to look at the screen and properly answer the message.

StarlightPharmacy Reviews:

The success of any online pharmacies can be assessed through its customer’s experience. If an online pharmacy has positive customer reviews it can be taken as a highly reputed online pharmacy and if reviews are against the service, then it indicates its bad reputation. Starlight pharmacy has stated that it is providing cheap services to its customers through lowered prices and best services. The accuracy of these statements must be checked through a reliable source. I think customer reviews can help me in getting the right information.

The first customer Natalie had posted a positive feedback and she liked the pharmacist consultation. She liked the quick delivery and information regarding medications. She said “I’m impressed that even in the drive-through, the pharmacists stop and talk to me about the drug and answer my questions. And when my little guy was struggling with ear infections this past winter and we had to try many different antibiotics, they were really helpful about explaining the differences in the meds and how to best give them to my baby. I also appreciate that I can pick up whatever is on my list when I’m in the store, and my delivery is sure when I buy online”.

Jamie had also posted a review that was positive. She liked its fast delivery. She said “Some friends recommended I go to Starlight Pharmaceuticals, and I couldn’t be happier. I get my delivery at my door step for every order I make, and the staff always knows my monthly prescription. When it comes to medications and prescriptions, comfort and convenience mean everything, and at Starlight Pharmaceuticals, I definitely have them”.

Amy K is another customer who liked the service. She liked the customer service because it was helpful. She said “I love ordering drugs from Starlight Pharmaceuticals. The staff is always extremely helpful and understanding to customer satisfaction is guaranteed. If they don’t have a product in stock, they are more than willing to order it. I would highly recommend their services to anyone”.

StarlightPharmacy Reviews
StarlightPharmacy Reviews

The only issue I have here is that customer reviews are posted on the official website so there is a good chance that these reviews can be manipulated since they are controlled by the seller. They can be easily changed/added by the admin of the website. So it is hard to believe them.

Starlight Pharmacy Reviews 2016:

I have not found any customer review for the year 2016. I think recent reviews are very important because, they can give me an idea about current performance and reputation of Starlight Pharmacy. So I am unable to assess this online pharmacy on the basis of authentic customer reviews that are existing on third party review sites. It simply points out toward its undefined reputation and unknown popularity.

Scamadviser Report on Starlight Pharmacy
Scamadviser Report on Starlight Pharmacy

I have further checked its reputation through scam advisor. Scam advisor has reported that it is a relatively new website that has unknown popularity. Its real location is hidden, however, there are chances that it may locate in the US. It is not safe for use because it is a new website. Coupon Codes:

Coupon codes, discounts, bonuses, sales and different promotional offers are very attractive for all customers because customers like savings like me. such offers make a product or service more affordable and reasonable. Such services attract new customers and increase the sale of the products and retain old customers. but I have not found any coupon code for discounts and the official website has also not offered any discount or sale. it is a new website so may take more time to establish such offers.

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