Is Seized: Where Else to Get Quality Steroids?

As the name implies, used to be the online one stop destination for a lot of customers who love getting their steroids from the internet. offered some nice prices on its wares, and for this reason, had a lot of customers. This was all till the domain got seized legally by some appropriate and related authorities. Now, a quick look at the website would show an animated banner rather than landing page or site content. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

From the website, it can be seen that the seizure of this domain was a joint effort between authoritative bodies such as Interpol, the National Intellectual Property Rights, Department of Justice in England, the London City Police and many other recognized agencies. There was also something of a reason attached to this seizure. According to the release, has been involved in the sale of counterfeit goods.

If this claim is true (and it is, given that they are now down), the offense against this website is a grave one. Selling fake goods in the medical line is not a small thing to be joked with. History was online up till the year 2016 according to the last website copyright that was signed on its website. In the line of selling steroids, this brokerage service had been in the business for nothing less than six years though. That can be inferred from some of their reviews on the internet dating as far back as this date. For this amount of time online, they mainly dealt with the sales of steroids and hormonal medicine. Main Page Main Page

Speaking of reviews, there was nothing good to be read about this business on independent reviewing websites. They were labeled scam many times, and their dubious ways were also a frequent mention.

Running via checks on revealed a vaguely popular website with a possible malware on board. followed through with a big ROGUE label plastered over the face of this business. Putting the final nail in the coffin was the report from not only got a lowly 3% overall review score, but the website was also deemed unsafe. Considering that it doesn’t have any trust records, doesn’t possess an SSL certificate and is deemed unpopular, it is not so hard to believe that the seizure is legit. Alternatives

The kind of bad image that has painted on the internet doesn’t mean that there are no legit businesses out there that offer top-notch, online pharmacy services. True, there are a lot more like this who are just out to do bad business, but so do we have the impressive ones too.

It’s hard to start going around the internet in the search for good online pharmacies, but with the kind of top vendors we have reviewed here, you can browse through and get the best. Even though is now off the internet (and rightly so too), that doesn’t put an end to your steroid orders.

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