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As implied by the site’s name, is vending mostly steroids and caters mostly to bodybuilders. The site is only about 2 years old, and as implied by the site’s certifications, it is located in the UK. According to the site, SteroidOnlineShop only sells 100% original products, and there are no fake medicines sold in this site, and these meds are sourced directly from the manufacturers and “best legit pharmacies”.

There is no mention though, where these “manufacturers” and “best legit pharmacies” are from. There is also no information regarding the FDA approval of these drugs. What was mentioned, however, is the fact that this site sells all their products even to customers without the proper Rx. It is good news for those who wish to buy these Rx meds but do not have the prescription for them. But, the fact that this site dispenses prescription meds without the proper doctor’s recommendation is illegal. Though it seems convenient, it is dangerous to take these meds without having been checked-upon by a licensed physician.

Although sells mostly steroids (androgens, corticosteroids, and estrogens/progestogens) , this pharmacy also had a number of other drugs available. There were also drugs for weight loss, hair loss, men’s health, and a few more.

As for the ED meds, the site only had three; Viagra by Pfizer Greece, Kamagra Gold and Kamagra Jelly from Ajanta Pharma. I have noticed that the price of Viagra here is cheap; it is only sold for $22 per pack of 4. Kamagra Gold tabs are also affordable here; a pack of 4 costs only $14. The 10-jelly pack for Kamagra costs $28, which is also cheap.

Payment methods accepted in this site are only Western Union payments and Bitcoin. There is no option for credit card payments or debit payments. As for the shipping, the site provides an option for Airmail shipping and EMS courier delivery. The site’s Airmail option costs $19 and the EMS/Express shipping costs $49 (which is expensive, by the way). Transit times are different for every destination region, but the shipping time is more or less 5-17 days for the regular shipping, and 1-2 business days for express shipping. How the site would manage a 1-2 day transit time for its orders worldwide, I do not know. That seems an impossible claim to me. I have seen the policies and I did not like that the site takes no responsibility in delivery failures like damaged orders, incomplete orders, and non-delivered products. The site offers no refunds or reshipments for those, as it claims that those problems are out of their control. can only be contacted by leaving a message in its “Contact Us” portion, as there are no phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or postal address posted in the site. There is also no live chat support offered in this site. Reviews:

It is unfortunate that there are no reviews available for, either from within the site itself or from external sources. Having said that, I cannot simply recommend the use of this site; the lack of reviews for this site mars its credibility.

SteroidOnlineShop Reviews 2016:

Safety Report of Steroidonlineshop by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Steroidonlineshop by Scamadviser

There were also no current reviews for either, so there is no way for me to gauge how this site performs in terms of customer service. Having no reviews from clients simply increases this site’s “doubt factor”. It is not an excuse that this site is fairly new; a site without a review is simply a site without a review.

As for the trust rating given by Scam Adviser, the site was given a 54% safe rating, and was “threat listed”. The site was also detected to have only “very few visitors”, thus partly explaining the reason behind the lack of the essential reviews.

Steroid Online Shop Coupon Codes: does not currently have discounts or voucher codes for its potential clients. There were also nothing referring to free shipments for a certain amount of purchase. Reward discounts were also not available for returning customers.

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