Review – Canadian Steroid Site with no Contact Information Design Design is a site based in Canada, and is obviously vending steroids. This shop is an authorized dealer of products from and Nutropin, which are well-known manufacturers of Steroids and HCG. The website provides direct links to these sites and states that clients can ask the manufacturers directly regarding’s affiliation with them.

In info, I’ve found out that this site is just selling products for clients within Canada. The pharmacy doesn’t do international shipping, which is actually not appreaciated by the overseas clients who are interested in this site’s products. The site sells mostly steroids, but has other products as well, like hair loss meds, acne meds, sleeping aids, joint pain meds, and sexual aid meds. I have noticed that most of these products are also targeting the hormonal aspect of the human body, and are therefore linked to steroids too. I am guessing that these other meds still came from the site’s steroid manufacturers.

FDA-approvals is not mentioned for’s products. I think that the products offered at this site are far from being approved by the FDA for sale. Steroids are illegal to be acquired and surely more illegal to sell by any entity. The site isn’t presenting any legal document saying that it is accredited to sell these substances, so it is probably selling these products without permits. The fact that the products here are sold without clients being asked for prescriptions is scary too, as self-medicating on these substances can do more harm than good; because these drugs target neurotransmitters and the chemical composition of the human body. Errors in administering doses of these meds are potentially fatal, so these meds shouldn’t be messed around with.

I mentioned earlier that also has meds for sexual enhancements, and sure enough, I was able to find erectile dysfunction meds here, which were also created by the site’s Canada-based manufacturers. Innovagen’s Cialis (Tadalafil) is sold here for just $22.49 (forgive the decimal values as the prices are in CAD and I still have to convert) for 30 tablets of the 10 mg variant. Innovagen also has its own Viagra (Sildenafil), which the site also sells for $22.49 for the 30-pill pack (50 mg). Vardenafil (Levitra) is also available here and is sold at the same price as the formerly mentioned meds. Most of the ED products here were from the site’s suppliers, and none from the famous Pfizer, Bayer, or Lilly.

Shipping is free on all orders above $225; and unless clients reach this amount, shipping is charged roughly $19 for Canada Post Express (takes 1-3 days) and around $38 for Canada Post Priority (next-day delivery to 2 days max). Clients are provided the tracking numbers the same day the orders are shipped. The ugly thing about is that it doesn’t take responsibility for lost orders, as the site declares it is not liable for such losses. Clients can still contact the site, though, but I don’t think that it will make such a difference. takes payments from clients through Cash by mail, Western Union, and Money Gram. The odd thing is that the site is receiving the payments from offshore addresses, as it is hiding its real location. Like I said, this steroid business is tricky, and suppliers like this one know that it is illegal to vend the substances, and therefore taking security measures to hide its actual location. It is also the case with the site’s contact form; there is no actual e-mail address to send the message to, just this blank form submitted to an email somewhere. There is also no phone numbers for this site, just the contact form, which is uncommon for businesses.

Steroidscanada Reviews:

Steroidscanada Reviews
Steroidscanada Reviews

I have found a review for’s (Innovagen) Viagra, but from this site alone. The client Johnny Ozz (July 15, 2016) rated the site 5 stars for quality, price, and value, and went on saying that the site’s Sildenafil has the same effect on him as the one by Pfizer.

Now I am pleased seeing this, but there is still some caution to this review because it was only found on-site. Although not everyone can post reviews in the site, nowadays websites can use people to create fake reviews to boost their site’s reputation. I am not saying that this review is a fake, but I am only considering the possibility that it is, since there is no way to verify if this purchase by this client is real or not.

Steroids Canada Reviews 2016:

Safety Report of Steroids Canada by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Steroids Canada by Scamadviser

As for the rating by for Steroidscanada, the rating was a 59% for the overall safety analysis. According to the analysis, the site is only a year old, and is detected to be in Hong Kong rather than in Canada like it claims. That is weird because the site is telling its clients that it is Canada-based. But this result explains why the site has an overseas address for the receipt of payments via Western/Money Gram. Knowing this, I think it is best to stay out of this site’s way. Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders over $300 on

The site is offering to ship items for free for orders with the amount of $225 and above. The products will be shipped via Canadian Post Xpress. also offers to ship orders for free via Priority mail (overnight to 2 days) when the total exceeds $1500.

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