Review – Canadian Drugstore Affiliate with Fake Reviews Front Front did have a unique name for its site, but I am puzzled why its layout and content is common to most of the sites I have encountered on the web. Also, I was concerned why reads “Canadian Drugstore” on its actual site page. I see no connection between the domain and the “Canadian Drugstore” name on the actual site. This store didn’t even explain what “Sulcata” meant. is an online store which peddles both well-known brand-name generic meds and Indian-manufactured generic medication. This site’s copyright reads 2016 and it seems to imply that it is operating from Canada.

Products sold by were grouped according to the medical needs satisfied by the drugs. Clients can search the list for their preferred meds using the allotted search function to access the meds database of the site. These brand-name and generic meds, according to, are all approved by the FDA for sale and distribution; the Indian FDA, anyway. The meds being sold by the site were sourced from India, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of generic medications. I see a trend in vending generic meds in the web, as most of the sites I have seen were all vending generic meds from India.

Since most of the products found on’s drugs list were Rx meds, I presumed that the site would be asking clients to submit their prescriptions first before being able to order anything from the site. But, there was no mention of asking for clients to submit their prescriptions. Although not being required Rx for prescription meds is actually convenient, it says a lot about a site too. Legit pharmacies usually are the ones asking for valid prescriptions, since the law requires Rx meds to be availed of only upon the submission of an appropriate Rx. Also, self-medication of Rx meds poses a lot of health risks for any client.

As any site, has ED meds for sale. There is seldom a site without and ED medication to sell; there were always ED products available across sites. Generic Viagra can be availed of at $36.57 per 10 pills (100 mg), Generic Cialis may be bought here at $37.46 for 10 pills of the 40 mg variant, and Levitra may be purchased at $40.26 per 10 pills of the 20 mg drug. Aside from these basic ED meds, there were a lot of options available for clients; different derivatives such as oral jellies, soft tabs, flavored pills, and much more were available.

The products purchased by clients may be paid for using Visa, AmEx, and E-checks. Credit card payments were only the ones accepted by The site secures its billing process by McAfee Secure, Scan Alert (Hacker Safe), and GeoTrust. Aside from those, uses SSL Encryption to secure the payment details of clients during the payment process. As with the delivery, clients are free to choose to ship their orders via Airmail or EMS. Airmail costs $19.95 and EMS rate was undisclosed. There is also an additional $6.95 insurance fee to guarantee reshipment in cases of problems in delivery.

In cases of delivery failures such as missing orders, incomplete orders, or damaged orders, clients are advised to contact client support to notify the pharmacy of the problem. According to its policy, is able to either reship the orders of refund in full the clients’ payments. has a “Money-back” policy where they can cancel their orders within 24 hours and be refunded by the site. If ever they weren’t able to cancel, they just have to wait for the delivery and refuse the package. This policy gives the clients a 30-day window to contact for any problems regarding their products. may be contacted through the numbers +1-800-715-5341 (US) and +44-203-318-5981 (UK). Consumers may also be able to email using the contact form on its contact page. Other than those, there are no other ways to contact the site, as it has no email and physical addresses posted.

Sulcata-Station Reviews:

Sulcata-Station Reviews
Sulcata-Station Reviews

A number of client testimonials were found on the site from clients confirming their receipt of their orders. Clients were thankful that they were able to receive their orders, and were also happy with the customer service they were able to receive.

But, as charming as these reviews may seem, they were all untrue, as they have been circulating the web and were posted on numerous sites (without modification). Only sites with nefarious agendas are able to post such reviews, as legit sites would rather post real negative ones than fake positive ones. Reviews 2016: Scam Analysis by Scamadviser Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

To be fair, I searched the web for client reviews (particularly from trusted reviews sites and forums); but I never found even a single one relevant to There were no previous reviews and also current reviews for the year 2016.

Because I wasn’t able to find a single review, I checked against to see the status of its security rating. was given a 48% safety rate and was detected to be a new site (only 263 days at the time of this review), and with only an expected life of 366 days.

Sulcata Station Coupon Codes:

Free Pills and Free Shipping Offer on Sulcata Station
Free Pills and Free Shipping Offer on Sulcata Station

Like any site which does not have vouchers available, just gives away pills. There are free pills on every order (even the minimum amount) and clients are free to choose which freebie they would like to have. Aside from the freebie pills, there is also an offer of free shipping for clients with orders exceeding $300.

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