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According to the information provided on, Sun Drug Store is rapidly growing online pharmacy service that is providing FDA-approved medications through maintaining all standards of QA and QC. This online pharmacy was established in 2004, and it has a fair number of customers who are purchasing ED medications. The customers throughout the world satisfy their needs by using the services of Sun Drug Store including the US, UK, India, and Canada. Most of its customers are from the United States.

I am in search of FDA approved medication, and I find Sun Drug Store up to my criteria in term of FDA approval. It is mentioned on the main page that it is providing US FDA products including ED medicines, eye products, antibiotics, anti-allergic, diabetics and other therapeutic products.

While checking the products I noticed that it is providing Viagra at very cheap rates: 10 Viagra pills are available at price of just $25, while 20 Viagra pills pack is cheaper, just $42. Package delivery insurance and 10% discount on your next purchase will be provided to a customer. This offer is just wow for me because Viagra is sold at about $8- $10 per pill in my local pharmacies. The main selling products are ED products, and other famous products are for hair loss, blood pressure, Antiviral, cholesterol lowering and anticancer.

The second most important specification I set while choosing an effective online pharmacy is the lowest cost for the best product. I was surprised to see that Sun Drug Store is offering discounts up to 83 % off. When I further browse the different products it shows that there is a huge discount on each product that varies from product to product. It also offers 10% off on the second purchase.

There are many questions that are bugging me regarding the product purchase. The first thing that came to my mind is what to do if the product quality will not satisfy me. I get the answer by noticing that it is providing a quality guarantee, delivery guarantee, status order guarantee and money back guarantee. For detail of these services, I would try the customer service. Payment options are VISA, UCB, AMEX, ACH and master card.

Sun Drug Store is helping the customers through online chatting and offering US-based toll-free number. It is good to see that it is providing order in 7-9 days through EMS, while Airmail delivery requires 14-21 days. The EMS charges are $ 10 per order while airmail charges are $ 30 per order. It is offering another splendid discount that if you order of worth $ 200 you will get a free Airmail shipment. The overall policies seem satisfactory. Reviews

Now, it’s the time to check the reviews of previous customers. These reviews should serve as a reliable source of information as the customers used the service personally and have something to say. Sun Drug Store has mentioned on the website that they are taking very good care of their customers by providing best services along with gift hampers and discounts. It is better to verify this claim through customer reviews. Feedback Feedback

Early testimonials for Sun Drugstore were positive about the shop’s service. Buyers were thankful for the store’s low-cost offers—Tony, one user, mentioned that Sun Drugstore had cheaper alternatives to his mom’s brand name medications, hence helping him save.

Barbara, on the one hand, was apologetic—she initially thought that the store scammed her, but her package eventually arrived.

SunDrugStore Reviews 2017

Present reviews are available at Sun Drugstore, like the ones below: Feedback 2017 Feedback 2017

Elliot, from the United States, stated that he got the products he needed from the store at the best prices. John Loffler, another customer, was also thankful for the store’s excellent service. According to him, he received his order from the shop and will order again from the store.

Sun Drug Store Coupon Codes

The psyche of all types of customers is that they bend more toward the sales, gifts, and coupons. The Sun Drug Store has also utilized this weakness of customers and offered different types of discounts to rush the customers toward their store.

The Sun Drug Store has a special offer for all customer that is 10 % off on second purchase with few free ED pills. Coupon Code Coupon Code

The Sun Drug Store has offered 3 % off with a purchase of health products. It has limited validity. Coupones Coupons

It has offered a special promo discount on Diflucan that is 77 % off and on Viagra about 62 %. It has a limited time frame. Discount Offers Discount Offers

• On purchase of ED products, it is offering again an attractive package that includes free ED trial pack, free airmail shipment, package delivery insurance and 10% off on the second purchase.

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