Review – United States Government Seized This Website Home Page Home Page was the domain name for an online pharmacy of the same. I got to learn that it is no longer functional. “About Us” showed the pharmacy claimed to offer an easy-to-use and secure shopping environment. It was set up to provide healthcare products – Brand name and generic – at affordable prices. launched three and a half years ago.

I skimmed through the FAQs till I found the question that addressed the issue of prescriptions. The pharmacy plainly informed customers that they weren’t required to upload or fill in a doctor’s prescription before purchase. Consultations with doctors locally was recommended.

Erectile dysfunction medications, blood pressure medications, ocular care medications, cardiovascular disease medications, cancer medications, diabetes drugs, and antibiotics were part of the “Categories List”. OTC and personal care products were also well represented in what was an extensive list.

“Erectile Dysfunction” revealed an assortment of drugs for men who develop the condition. Generic drugs were in abundance but Branded medications were represented by Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra. 48 tabs of 20mg Levitra cost $352.99, 60 tabs of 20mg Cialis cost $397.99, and 92 tabs of 100mg Viagra cost $598.99. Diners Club, JCB, AmEx, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa were accepted Credit cards. Customers could use eChecks too.

EMS Traceable Courier service and Airmail shipping are the shipping methods offered. Reviews

The “Testimonials” page had a lot of reviews of I was able to read through them and found that they were similar to the live chat screen grab attached to the homepage. These two sets of reviews had the same positive tone. Feedback Feedback

Edmund from the UK was grateful for the opportunity to order drugs from online pharmacies in general as he did on He reckoned that he would have had to waste a lot of money on expensive medications. He was thankful that provided a way to beat rising costs.

Barcus Brian based in the United States was happy to let others know that he had ordered ED pills seven times from this online vendor. Before he became a returning customer, he was really hesitant and skeptical of ordering his prescription drugs online. His positive experience with this store changed his perspective.

Albert Halmstad from Sweden was delighted to have received his order from He said this online pharmacy was a pharmacy he could trust. He also promised to come back for any other medications he would need.

The positivity of these user comments don’t carry as much weight as those on independent review websites. They could have easily been compromised by the vendor itself to boost sales. Reviews 2016

After reading those reviews and failing in my bid to find evidence of the credibility of this vendor independently, I entered the address in the address bar. That was when I got to know that the domain name has been confiscated by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations, and National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center. I compared this with the results I obtained on Scamadviser and Scamner. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scamadviser’s search parameters pinpointed a couple of things. The site was Luxembourg-based but most likely originated from Cyprus. The report said that the website had been listed as a rogue pharmacy and highlighted the administrator’s’ preference for free emails. Safety Level Safety Level

Scamner similarly singled that out as being unprofessional. It confirmed the website was created in December 2013. It ended the analysis by giving a 13% rating and advising against buying and browsing on the site. Coupon Codes

It appears that while was operational they took advantage of the common practice of online pharmacies in offering bonuses and discounts. The excerpt below highlights them. Discount Offers Discount Offers

It provided considerate discount gifts for all their reliable customers. After a customer placed his or first orders on, they became entitled to a ten percent discount on every order thereafter. Apart from that, for all orders with sum starting at $200 free standard airmail service was made available. These discounts rank among the best that you could get anywhere else and were no doubt instrumental to legitimizing the operation until the website was nabbed for unscrupulous business practices.

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