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When I first saw, at a first glance I thought it is an authentic website. But to my horror, on digging deeper I realized scammers have become so intelligent now, that even experienced reviewers can be taken for a spin.

When I came across Svensk-apotek, and opened the home page, my first impression was that it looks quite professional. The different name of the site along with the fact that their initial currency option is in Swedish Kronor, I thought that it is most probably a website based in Sweden or one of the European countries. That is a hoax; the site is actually from China. It has been operating for 5 years. They have cleverly given language options for a few European countries along with the currency, there is no option for Chinese language or their currency. They do seem to have a huge assortment of drugs and medicines from anti allergy, ED drugs and antibiotics to cardiovascular, Diabetes and skin care. However, their best sellers are mainly all the ED drugs like Viagra, Cialis and their generic counterparts. A pill of Viagra is from $6-8 with the generic version being much cheaper. They mention that all their products are from GMP certified companies but no mention has been made of FDA.

They did not give any Toll free number to contact them, but they did have an email address and an online chat system. I tried contacting them through the chat, and I actually talked to one of their agents. Since I just wanted to try whether it works, I asked her if I can order without prescription on their website. She replied with an affirmative. They accepted all types of payment, and also had the GeoTrust, MacAfee and SSL certification which might make anyone believe that the site is completely safe and secure to use. They claimed to ship to international countries with the parcel taking a maximum of 30 days. They also have a complete refund or free reshipping in case you do not receive your parcel. Reviews:

Until now, I almost believed them like a gullible surfer. But then I decided to check customer reviews and feedback. In the ‘testimonials’ section, they had a long list of customers swearing off Svensk-apotek.

Charles from Paris exclaims that “Dudes, this service is good! It is my third order. This time Smok-ox and I have almost quit smoking. I know how they order system works and when my package is a bit late I do not worry because I know that it will arrive no matter what.” Furthermore, a Peter Hans says “I am satisfied with quality of products and service. Online chat was helpful when I had questions. My order arrived in a matter of days exactly the same as I saw at the site. No blames.’’

It seemed that customers are quite satisfied, but the reality is that these reviews are all FAKE. Yes, the same reviews, with the same names and even the same order are found on many other online drugstores who are actually scammers or rogue pharmacies. They did not even bother changing the names, it is exactly copy pasted from so many other sites. Any website that has to put fake reviews in order to attract customers is surely fake. Reviews Reviews

Svensk-apotek Reviews 2016:

I then went on to check on Scam adviser, and true enough, even scam adviser had put the site at high risk. It is disgusting, the extent to which fake and fraudulent sites can go to deceive innocent people out of their money. This site is one good example. On a superficial look, it seems quite a professional online drug retailer. They have maintained the site very well. They even have an online customer support chat system. They also have small sections for medical news and articles which will make you feel that the site is genuine. They also have good product description for all the drugs they advertise. In all, an expert scammer at work. Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Svensk Apotek Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

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Needless to say, which has been made for the sole purpose of cheating people out of their money will do their very best to succeed in their mission. Therefore, Svensk-apotek ostensibly offers excellent options and discounts like free pills, 10 % discount and free airmail shipping. Beware; all these frauds are just to attract customers. Any innocent and gullible purchaser is bound to get cheated and receive fake products or give away their important bank details during the transaction. I prefer staying without medications than ordering from such cheats.

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