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Before the eventual closure of the website, used to be the go-to place for many shoppers online who were looking to cut great deals on drug prices. There was usually a variety on display. It is now somewhat a nightmare that this platform which has dedicated years of service those that needed the cheap pills is now being held by government authorities due to the issues with a license. A search of the domain now would show that has been closed down. Main Page Main Page History

When was still in business, a time window which totaled about three years, they used to offer many different solutions to their clients. With drugs shipped out of India, the business looked to be situated in the United States. Moving on, there are claims of FDA-approval on drugs sold via the website, not to mention the Trusted RX badge that it clearly displayed at the base of the website.

Across the platform, there could be seen some stunning customer reviews from users who loved everything on the online pharmacy. Despite the bad vibe imposed by the glaring seizure message from the US authorities, the store Tablets Today was actually an excellent store with numerous buyer testimonials from its buyers. Customers with comments for this online pharmacy were all over its effective tablets, timely deliveries, helpful support team, and of course, low prices. It is terrible that the store was shut down despite being one of the best sources for generic medicines online—its loss left buyers with one less online store to shop from. Alternatives is now closed in spite of operating for long and serving buyers with genuine generics at cut-rate prices. As seen in this store’s reviews, customers were thrilled at the shop’s fast shipping pace, effective products, and its responsive support team. However, the store’s premature closure stunted its operations, leaving its patrons to wonder what to do next.

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