Delivery Shut Down… Generic Medicine Buyers Affected has been seized by authorities. When you try to access the website you didn’t expect to see a warrant there by ICE! But when you see the below-given image, you get the idea that something serious has transpired here: has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

The warrant informs you that ICE, which stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, was prompted by the Homeland Security Investigations to make this move and shut down the illegal trading of medicine that was taking place through and many other sites similar to it. Drug trafficking is a very serious charge in the USA and those convicted have to serve time in prison as well as made to pay a huge fine comprising thousands of dollars.

Is this move against generic and unbranded medicine sellers helping the public or hurting it, one is bound to ask. Are all generic medicines counterfeits or there are those that are real generic alternatives and effective. These questions need to be explored when the prices of brand medicines manufactured by notable national and global pharmaceutical firms continue to soar, and the government is applying no checks and balances whatsoever to this monopoly. In this context, the action of legal authorities against generic medicine sellers seems a bit harsh. Reviews is gone now and so is all the information related to it that could have given us an idea about its characteristics, dealings, and standing with the crowd. One has absolutely no idea now where TabsDelivery was situated geographically and the number of years it held as an experience in the generic medicine field. One cannot be sure whether Tabs Delivery shop was selling an exclusive type of medicine or for all sorts of health issues. One cannot be sure whether the medicines sold by it were cheaper or expensive than the rest. Likewise, there are no impressions submitted by actual customers who might have shopped at and have narrated their experiences on blogs or forums. Thus, one has inevitably no option but to turn to verification sites like Scam Advisor and WOT to establish an idea about the background of TabsDelivery and its standing. There was only one review related to which was negative. A crowd source reviewer by the name of Darius9.9 listed as one of the many “sleazy scam sites” and “FAKE/SCAM pharmacies”. He felt that these kinds of so-called online pharmacies use fake certificates and addresses and sell customers “garbage brands”. Feedback Feedback

Scam Advisor’s assessment of Tabs Delivery was no different. It found out TabsDelivery had some ties to the USA but it was yet another fake pharmacy of Russian descent. It was considered a high risk and low trust site and thus not safe for visitors and buyers. Trust Rating Trust Rating Alternatives has turned out to be a resource that is unworthy of your trust, that’s why it has been shut down. Despair not! There are a large number of online medicine vendors supplying generic medicines that are credible and verified. We have analyzed the best among the best and have featured them in our detailed resource. Their prices are much lower than brand medicines and quality is at par with most brand medicines. Real customers have experienced their services and have declared them worthy of their trust. If you want to buy your generic medicines online in a hassle-free manner, then you should go through our guide.

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