Tadalafilmed.com Review – Safety Alert for a Scam Seller

Tadalafilmed.com Home Page
Tadalafilmed.com Home Page

Here is an interesting read you do not want to miss in my weekly pharmacy review. Tadalafilmed.com immediately rings some warning bells for me. First off, there’s no site title, the site is just plastered with information regarding their main product, Tadalafil, a generic for Cialis. You don’t click in to a page with information on the drug – it’s just there, on the home page, unprompted. Of course, it’s definitely possible that a vendor deals in one type of drug, it just seems a weird, bait-and-hook kind of setup to me.

The only information I can find as to where the company is based is in the “Contacts” section, which when clicked, shows a “Dr. Thomas C. Teelin, MD” and his address in Tucson, Arizona. There is no available email address. There’s also, hilariously, a bar on the page that includes all the social-media sharing options, in case you wanted to quickly post the Contacts page of an erectile dysfunction medication website to Facebook. There is no shipping information on the webpage, and no customer service information to be found whatsoever, nor a refund policy—nothing.

The site claims to offer Tadalafil tablets at $0.77/per, but upon clicking on one of the many “Order Now” buttons for generic Cialis, I am not linked internally on the page, but redirected to an external site called “Trust Pharmacy” at genericrxpills.net, a decidedly more legitimate-looking website, that deals in all kinds of drugs, FDA-approved. Tadalafilmed.com is simply a mirror for genericrxpills.net, made only to redirect to the other website, a huge red flag. Trust Pharmacy claims to be based in Canada and operating since 2001, but a search on whois.domaintools.com reveals that it is actually based in the Netherlands—another red flag. The actual price for Tadalafil on this website is $35.38 per 10 tablets, while the price for Viagra is $36.10 per 10 tablets.

TadalafilMed Reviews:

I can find no reviews of Tadalafilmed.com anywhere on the internet, other than their website that offers “Testimonials” that deal much more with talking about the drug Tadalafil than with the site itself. The same is true of the mirror, Trust Pharmacy—no reviews anywhere on the internet, no information, except for the “Testimonials” section. Another thing to notice is that there’s no place on the website to actually leave reviews; these testimonials are typed directly into the site by the administrator. So, they are almost definitely are completely fabricated.

I thought I might as well include a couple of these Testimonials from Tadalafilmed.com just in case, but it’s becoming pretty clear to me at this point that it’s a scam.

Andrew from Stockholm trumpets the low price of Cialis over “$30 per tablet” Viagra. Note that he doesn’t mention Tadalafilmed.com or Trust Pharmacy at all.

Eugene from London gives a testimonial saying “Viagra Soft has changed my world”—which is a product never mentioned on this site that everywhere else is dedicated completely to Cialis.

Tadalafilmed Reviews
Tadalafilmed Reviews

Tadalafil Med Reviews 2016:

Some more recent testimonials give pretty much the same spiel, saying Cialis is the best—failing to mention anything about the website they actually bought it from, and most likely being completely falsified accounts, with sort of iffy English.

Luke from New York writes that his Cialis was sent “within a day,” thanking somebody for “the quality and working pills.” Again, no mention of any site—I can’t imagine why a reviewer would review the product rather than the vendor on the actual vendor’s site.

Adam from Manchester writes that his doctor recommended Cialis to him to “maintain the erection,” an amusing phrasing most likely not written by an Englander. He writes that he got a “good discount” but doesn’t mention what that discount was.

Tadalafil Med Reviews 2016
Tadalafil Med Reviews 2016

The fact that there are no actual reviews anywhere on the internet, only these highly suspicious testimonials and no section on the site for entering reviews, almost certainly confirms this site as a scam.

Tadalafilmed.com Coupon Codes:

There aren’t any special discounts offered on the site, but the prices are already ludicrously low. Generic Cialis for $0.77 a tablet, Cialis Soft for $1.20 a tablet, Cialis Professional for $2.94 a tablet, Cialis Jelly for $3.15 a packet, and Cialis Sublingual for $1.30 a tablet. These prices are so low that I’d bet money they’re too good to be true, and as we saw before when we were redirected to the other websites, these aren’t actual prices at all.

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