Tadalista.bz Review – Ensured Reliability in Fulfilling Buyers’ Orders

Front Page of Tadalista.bz
Front Page of Tadalista.bz
Front Page of Tadalista.bz

Tadalista.bz is a closed online pharmacy stocking ED meds primarily.

Tadalista shares that it has been in operation for the past 6 years before closing. Unlike other generic med sellers, this pharmacy is only stocking and selling ED meds. It also explains that the meds sold here have been in compliance with the Cosmetics Act of India 1940; however, nothing has been mentioned regarding the US or Indian FDA approval. The customer care agent mentioned that Indian generics are approved by Indian FDA. Ever since brand name meds have started to become expensive, people have begun exploring cheaper generic and herbal options from countries like India and China.

I decided to check out the prices of the ED meds. Here is a brief synopsis of what you are expected to pay:

Generic Cialis aka Tadalis is the star product of this pharmacy: 10 pills of Generic Cialis (10 mg) are available for $29.95 ($3.00 per pill).

  • 10 pills of Cialis Soft (20 mg) are available for $37.95 ($3.80 per pill).
  • 10 pills of Cialis Super Active (20 mg) are available for $34.95 ($3.50 per pill).
  • 10 pills of Cialis Sublingual (20 mg) are available for $59.95 ($5.00 per pill).
  • 10 pills of Generic Viagra (25 mg) are available for $17.95 ($$1.80 per pill).

The online pharmacy accepts payment through the following methods: Visa, Master Card, Amex, Diners Club.

Tadalista uses the following shipping methods to deliver products to customers:

Courier Service that costs $30, can be tracked and would reach the destination address in 5-9 days. Standard International Airmail that costs $10, is untrackable and would reach the destination in 10-21 days.

You can contact the customer support of Tadalista through phone:

+1 (718) 3131498 (Universal) +1 (800) 5324808 (Toll free US)+44 (20) 02227084 (UK)

You can also send an email via form submission on the site. I readily shot off an email and got a confirmation message on the site. There is Live chat option available.

The pharmacy offers refunds in case a customer isn’t satisfied with a purchase; however, for that to be initiated, the customer is to reship the remaining pills to an address provided by the customer care. Once this is done, then the refund process would be initiated by the pharmacy.

Tadalista Reviews

I decided to see if there were any reviews from the users of generic Cialis. I came across testimonials for this web drugstore with numerous commendations for this store’s service.

Tadalista.bz Customer Report
Tadalista.bz Customer Report

According to David, he was able to receive his order. He thanked the store for its high-quality products—David used the meds and he was impressed. David even mentioned feeling like an 18-year-old again because of the drug he bought from Tadalista.bz.

Mark, like David, also thanked Tadalista.bz for the “on time” deliveries of his order. Like David, Mark also was grateful for the pills he bought from Tadalista and even went on to state that even his wife was thankful for the products.

Mike, another buyer, also thanked the shop for its quick delivery and mentioned that he was “impressed” with the outcome of his order from Tadalista.bz.

DN, on the one hand, commended the store for its follow-ups for his order—not all online drugstores are concerned about the order progress of their consumers, so Tadalista.bz being concerned about its shipments is commendable.

Tadalista Reviews 2016

More buyers posted their reviews for Tadalista.bz, for its satisfactory performance during the years. Here are more customer testimonials posted by the regulars of the shop:

Tadalista.bz Customer Report 2016
Tadalista.bz Customer Report 2016

The more current reviews for Tadalista.bz were still as good as the former ones, denoting the store’s consistently good service over the years. Buyers still appreciated the timely deliveries, excellent products, and the store’s helpful support team.

Tadalista.bz Coupon Codes

Discount Offer by Tadalista.bz
Discount Offer by Tadalista.bz

Legitimate discount offers help customers save money on their orders and are valuable. These are the offers found at Tadalista:

  • Free pills on orders exceeding 20 pills.
  • Free airmail shipment on orders exceeding $150.
  • Loyal customers are given a discount of 5% and 7% on their orders.
  • Those customers who purchase from the pharmacy and also refer it to their friends (at least 5) are going to get additional bonuses.
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