TaylorMadePharma.com Review – A Shifty Source to Get Meds!

Home Page of TaylorMadePharma.com
Home Page of TaylorMadePharma.com

I am back with another pharmacy review for your guys, based on my experience with TaylorMadePharma.com. It is the Latvia based online pharmacy that is tailored to sell health care medications. Well, the design of the site is not appealing at the first glance and there is no real information provided on the website about the company.

I navigated through the website in order to find something about the Taylor Made Pharma, but unfortunately, no information about the company is offered on its website. It would not be wrong to call that an ugly looking website with only few categories of medications listed above the page. The main categories that are highlighted in tabs on the home page of TaylorMadePharma.com include “injectables”, orals, weight loss, PCT/AI/HCG and miscellaneous. Well, this “injectables” show all that is not mentioned on the website!

I was looking for the ED pills, but there is not any sorted category for such meds, however as I navigated through, the miscellaneous tab does contain barely two or three ED products. The brand names of those ED drugs sound unfamiliar to me however: Cenforce Viagra (100mg) tablets, a pack of 10 units is being sold at the rate of 10 pounds ($13.27) and a Cialis brand named Vidalista (20mg) for 10 pieces were found to be sold at the same rate.

The payment options that the Taylor Made Pharma provide its customers include Bitcoins, debit and credit cards only. There is the special note posted in the tab named, “Important Information” that allow the company up to 7 days for delivery, however no charges and methods of shipping are mentioned over the website. Further, there is also no refund policy being offered by the company in any case.

Furthermore, there is no contacting link or number mentioned on the site, making it difficult for the users to get in contact with the vendor.

TaylorMadePharma.com Reviews:

Well, the information on the vendor’s website seemed to be incomplete and I personally did not like that website at all. This is because of the fact that there is no information being provided about who they are and what they are about. Moreover, the medications that the company offer also seemed unfamiliar to me. But to make the firm opinion about the website, it is imperative for us to look what the customers of this website or pharmacy thinks about it.

Unfortunately, there are no reviews made any customers of the company making it clear that either the customers are not active or the pharmacy remains unable to make any customers so far. It appears that site is new, so it could be the reason of no reviews of the previous customers.

TaylorMadePharma Reviews 2016:

Further research for the Taylor Made Pharma still shows that there is no active customers of this company online. However, Scamadvisor is always ready to help in revealing the scams and spotting legitimate sites for customers.

Although there are no recent and past reviews from the customers for Taylor Made Pharma, according to Scamadvisor, the site, TaylorMadePharma.com is not the safe website for you to browse. There could be some threats or malwares that can harm your personal and financial data, so it is advised the customers to remain cautious while using this website. Moreover, it is also claimed by Scamadvisor that, “this very new site has an unknown reputation” and it is Latvia based venture with a real location being hidden. Moreover, the trust score that this site has got is also not enough to shop safely here, that is 47 percent.

Thus, regarding this, Scamadvisor is alerting the users and customers of TaylorMadePharma.com that this website can be scam and might be include some illegal or foul practices that are completely unsafe for you. So, I am already recommending to not give such companies a spin. It is never a good idea to do business with the companies that are not completely transparent and this pharmacy is already hiding a number of things including its location, as reported by Scamadvisor.

Safety Report of TaylorMadePharma.com by Scamadvisor
Safety Report of TaylorMadePharma.com by Scamadvisor

TaylorMadePharma Coupon Codes:

Coupon codes are imperative for the customers, especially those who are not medically insured as buying the regular medications can break their banks. So, it is always a great idea to go with the pharmacies that offer its customers with the different discount offers or coupon codes over their products.

But, TaylorMadePharma.com is not offering any kind of the discount offers over its meds to their customers. Thus, making it clear that you have to always purchase the meds at higher rates from this company.

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