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Main Page of is another “Canadian” pharmacy added to the existing list of the online pharmacies named after the country. The site’s main thrust is to make accessible to the public the meds that are lower in cost than those which are found in the USA. is, indeed, located in Canada, and traces the roots of its service way back 14 years ago.

According to TCDS, it is selling “world-class” generics produced in FDA and WHO accredited facilities. The meds have the same quality as the brand-name ones, so to speak. All the items sold here are shipped free also. The pharmacy is a mail-order pharmacy and enables clients to order their prescription meds in the comfort of their own homes. The site only requires clients to fill up the medical form provided within the site, and fax their prescriptions upon ordering. Also, provides adequate drug information and price comparisons that enable clients to make informed decisions on which medications to purchase.

With regards to narcotics like Valium and similar drugs; the site does not sell them to its clients, due to their addictive nature. The site only specializes in drugs intended for chronic care or improvement of daily living, and not the drugs which can cause addiction in individuals.

Of course, I went on searching if the low prices this site includes the Erectile Dysfunction meds I am so eager to find on every site I am visiting. The site enables the clients to look for the drugs instantly because the site provides several search functions for the clients to use. I was able to find the ED drugs at once and take a look at their pricing. The site made the price list strategic enough to look at. At one glance I can compare the drugs’ prices and pick which ones I would probably be ordering.

The prices here are indeed low; Viagra by Pfizer here only costs $10.99 each, while Cialis by Eli Lilly costs $15.50 per pill. These are low compared to the drugs’ US pricing. These medicines can be paid for using credit cards, money orders, and personal checks. Payments done through personal checks are entitled to a 4% discount on all purchases. As for what is advertised on the site, shipping is free, and there are no hidden charges.

One of the things I am most impressed about is policies. I have read that the site will refund the customers’ money in case they did not receive the order within 15 days. Also, in case of issues during transit, or in the event of non-receipt of the orders within 15 days, the site will refund the amount or reship the items for free.

As for the customer support, has no online support, but it has e-mail support instead. The contact details of the site are plainly stated on the site, and are as follows:

Contact to Customer Service Representative on
Contact to Customer Service Representative on

Tcds Reviews:

Tcds Reviews
Tcds Reviews

A.C., from Harrison, NY told that he was pleased with the quality of the drugs he was able to receive from the site. The client was a regular, and he was a satisfied customer, every single time.

A.A., from West Palm Beach, FL, thanks the site for its “perfect” service. The client also told his friends about the site.

According to the client J.C.A., from Honolulu, HI, he and his wife were customers of the site for more than 2 years. This client appreciated the site’s pricing and thanks TCDS for consistently offering good service.

But, sad to say, these reviews were also found in sites other than it. As good as these reviews may seem, they may not be true, as these were just copied scripts from other online pharmacies. Reviews 2016: Scam Analysis by Scamadviser Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

I am saddened by the fact that this company had fake reviews on its website. I tried searching for client reviews for on the web, but nothing turned out. However, I was able to check the site with Scam Adviser, although the result was not so good. gave the site only a 51% safe rating, for the fact that the site is using a service to hide its identity, and that there were several malware reports concerning the site.

Tc Ds Coupon Codes:

Bonus Policy of Tc Ds
Bonus Policy of Tc Ds
Free Shipping Policy of Tc Ds
Free Shipping Policy of Tc Ds

Free shipping is offered site-wide, regardless of the order amount. Aside from this offer, offers a $10 discount for clients who are able to refer their friends to the site. There is no limit to the referrals, so the savings are unlimited too.

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