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Well, the question is, is this really the “best online pharmacy” in the business? I am keen to find out. I have seen in info that it has been running for more than 10 decades. Having declared that, I am having more expectations from this pharmacy since 10 years is ample time enough to refine its services. What I did not like from this store is its inability to disclose where it’s from. I mean come on, that is super basic to any site; mentioning its location and all. Only dubious or potentially dubious sites hide their real location; so, I have a bad feeling about this site already.

The site is vending both branded and generic meds, to have appeal to both ends of the client spectrum. Some picky clients prefer the branded ones; some are just content with the generics. In any case, all the products here are approved for sale by the FDA, although not USFDA in the generics’ case, but FDA of the manufacturing company. The pharmacy does not require the clients to send in the prescriptions needed for the Rx meds, so the clients can purchase any medication they require without the added trouble of securing Rx from their GPs. But does require that the clients undergo the free medical consultation offered by the doctors employed by the store. In some cases, the doctors may recommend securing the Rx for the products to be bought; but only for those who were analyzed to have pre-existing medical conditions that could lead to adverse drug effects.

The medicines here are classified by medical conditions they treat. For example, medications concerning men’s sexual dysfunctions (like erectile dysfunction) are placed under men’s health. This classification helped me locate the meds I was looking for. Since my prime concern is the ED meds, I was relieved to see that the site is offering several ED meds for its clients. has several branded ED meds like Pfizer’s Viagra and Cialis by Lilly. But for consumers who prefer cheaper ones, the site also has the generic counterparts of these famous brands.

The cost of Viagra (Pfizer) here is not as stunningly cheap as I’ve imagined but still a tad cheaper than the regular store prices. The 10-piece, 50mg pack costs $99; while the 10-piece, 100mg set costs $125. Returning clients get the products for much cheaper, though; they can get the items for $10 less. For Cialis (Lilly), the 8-piece 20mg pack costs $129 for the new buyers, but the returning customers can get the pack for roughly $13 less. These are not s cheap prices but are absolutely lower than the current local store prices of these products. And also to think that clients can save on the doctor visits too. accepts payment from credit cards and wire transfers. During checkout, I have discovered that the shipping is free! The pharmacy does not advertise the “free shipping” on all orders, but it actually has, and I have noticed it just only during checkout. If in case clients still prefer Express shipping, there is only a minimal fee of $13 to be added to the total amount. This store also offers delivery insurance for $5, to ensure the products’ reshipment or refund during unanticipated circumstances such as loss in transit or damage to the parcels.

I thought has live chat support, but I looked everywhere, and there was no live chat button; only the Contact Form. I think what it meant by 24/7 support is the site being able to receive emails the whole day and answering them (emails) at its own discretion; or something like that. The company may be called, though, at the numbers I have posted below this paragraph.

Contact No. of
Contact No. of

Thebestonlinepharmacy Reviews:

As a review nut that I am, I have searched the web for buyer reviews for the site. I was bothered that I wasn’t able to find a single one. Even from the site itself. To me, it is unacceptable that a site running for 10 years like this one does not have a single review on the web; none at all. The third-party sites all turn up with empty reviews; not even forum sites, or even just threads mentioning this site. There were really none. It is a suspicious site, so to speak. Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on
Scamadviser Report on, at-hand, received a 58% safe rating from, but I have read the recommendation, and it is not as positive as I thought. The site, though listed to be based in the United Kingdom, traces its roots in the United States. According to the analysis, this site was also listed as a rogue pharmacy, or high-risk pharmacies notorious for their bad service (at some point) and are also known for selling illegal and counterfeit medication. I have also noticed that this site, though claiming a decade of service, only actually has more or less 3.5 years of online service. The end rating of is that the site “” is one suspicious site.

The Best Online Pharmacy Coupon Codes:

Discount Offer by The Best Online Pharmacy
Discount Offer by The Best Online Pharmacy

Initially, I was encouraged by the 15% off discount is “having”; but I tried checking out, and there is no 15% discount given to the consumers. I don’t know why the site bothered to put that on the page, when, in fact, there is no such thing as that discount. Well, for returning customers, the site has a 10% discount (or more or less 10%) as appreciation for their loyalty.

I know it’s not advertised, but the site is offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders on the site. I have tried, and that is the one promotional offer the site has that works. Well, that is for Airmail shipping only; if you prefer Express shipping then that’s another story.

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