Has Been Seized and Prosecuted: What to Do Next? is a domain that has been apprehended by the Homeland Security Unit of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and its domain has been shut down. As a part of a big operation, ICE recently took down more than 800 domains mostly related to generic medicines. was accused of selling counterfeit medicines of original brands. When you visit its domain, you see this warning: is Seized by ICE is Seized by ICE

Since the legal ramifications for trafficking counterfeits in the USA are a payment of huge fines as well as imprisonment, the prospects look very bleak for
But the prospects aren’t very bright either for American consumers when it comes to high healthcare costs. Well-known pharmaceutical firms are involved in the unjustified price hikes of medicines. The law and judicial system are concerned about generics being counterfeits but it is doing nothing to regulate the prices of brand medicines. Thus, its relentless and indiscriminate witch hunt against generic medicine sellers is somewhat unfair. Reviews

No information exists currently in relation to All we know is that it was a generic medicine seller and its website has been impounded. It uses to sell generic medicines and an old screenshot suggests that its main focus was the sale of generic erectile dysfunction medicines like Viagra, Cialis as well as antibiotics and hair loss medicines. Review Review Feedback Feedback

Likewise, there are no reviews submitted by its real customers. So all we are left with are the results from different legitimacy verification sites, and they tend to paint a negative picture of There are 5 reviews found on WOT related to which reiterate the findings of LegitScript and NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) i.e., was a rogue internet pharmacy and didn’t comply with the standards. Furthermore, there are two more reviewers who have posted their own assessment of GURBL commented on 9 January 2014 that was part of a ring of “malicious domains” generating spam messages. Likewise, Reprotected was another reviewer who had declared on 2 July 2008 that was a known “spammer”. Trust Rating Trust Rating

When you look at the findings of Scam Advisor, you come to know that was Russian in origin was giving an impression of being an American online pharmacy. Its popularity with users cannot be determined now but it was considered a threat nevertheless. Scamner also didn’t recommend a site safe for browsing or making purchases at. Alternatives is no longer operational. While it may not have been the safest and most reliable online medicine vendor, one wonders is there an online vendor out there who is authentic and can be trusted? While we cannot guarantee that every vendor is safe and reliable having genuine generic products, we are at least assured about some of the online medicine vendors we have recently reviewed. There were real customers who spoke favorably about them on the basis of their own buying experiences at the sites of these online vendors. Moreover, their verification score came out much higher than others. So from our list, you can get the names of online vendors who are authentic and trustable and are offering generic medicines that are much more affordable than brands. Let our list serve your medicinal needs in a better way!

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