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Finding an authentic drug store can be very frustrating. Many are scams that are seeking to rip off innocent shoppers. is one drug store I come across in my endless search for an authentic dealer. Curious to know when the store started operating, I am unsettled by the fact that they only indicate they have been running for over seven years. The drug store operates from the Czech Republic.

As the saying goes, many are called, and a few are chosen. I seek to establish whether is among the few chosen. They have a wide array of drugs which include but not limited to the following; Viagra, Cialis, Viagra professional, Nizagra, Levitra and many others.

My all-time favorite Niagara is selling at $0.93 per pill and since I am an economics student, economies of scale is one fundamental thing I always keep in mind and the good news is 270 pills of 100 mg go for $401.2, that’s an equivalent of $1.49 per pill. That’s an excellent offer. On top of that, I also get some free pills and a free courier delivery. I mean that’s an irresistible offer.

The site says that the drugs they sell are Indian FDA approved, manufactured and shipped from India. In case I choose to buy from, I only have two methods in which I can use to purchase. These are Credit card or E-checks. That kind of limits some people buying from the store.

Typical Shopping Cart with Offers on Topcanadadrugs
Typical Shopping Cart with Offers on Topcanadadrugs

According to, shipping can be done worldwide. There are two shipping methods available at the store. EMS Courier Service which takes 3-8 days to be delivered and has the advantage of being tracked at a cost of $24.95 and International Registered Airmail which takes 2-4 weeks to get to me but it is not trackable and charge $14.95. The accepted payment methods are MasterCard, VISA and Bitcoin.

I seek to probe further on what would happen if my order is impounded or delayed at the customs. The site advice I can contact them to resolve the issue. What if in the worst case scenario, it doesn’t reach me or it is damaged en route. Well, it looks like am properly shielded as the store promises a free re-ship or a full refund. The site goes further to state that if I wish to cancel an order, I should do it within 24 hours before the order is dispatched.

So far so good. But with some few underlying issues, I seek to further engage the customer care through the chart on the site to request guidance on these hiccups. After sending the email, I was advised that they would come back within 48 hours and I am yet to get a reply from them. All the pending issues remain as they are as I have no conclusive answer from them.

Customer Service Message Window on Free Pills Offer on Topcanadadrugs
Customer Service Message Window on  Topcanadadrugs Reviews:

I seek to go through the client’s reviews on the site. Careful enough since most of the stores always fake reviews to gain the trust of the clients they could have mislaid.

All along everything seems okay. Not until I bump into similar reviews on some other clone sites of and this is where the genesis of my divorce with them commences. Violating this red line doesn’t go well with me. The reason being I feel it is unethical to attract customers with fake reviews as this translates into gambling with not only their money but also their lives. Why would you post a fake review if your products are legit?

The sort of baloney copy pasted on the so-called “reviews” is laughable.

For example; Neil said, “Hey I have received my package” this is found on another site too, pasted in the same manner.

Tristan says’ “I am pleased to inform you that I have received my package today” I bet she is talking about the package the holy book talks of. A ticket straight to hell!

Paul decided to join the bandwagon of liars, and he says’ “I have received my package from you” sure Tristan will keep you company in purgatory.

John sentiments were, “I have received my package” one word for John, it’s not too late to repent! ignites my red button, and I freely and confidently pronounce as a scam. Reviews Reviews

TopCanadaDrugs Reviews 2016: does not hold a contrary opinion, has a low trusting. Their “marketing” executive deserves a round of applause as the site has a lot of visitors. I am just hoping they only visit while researching in school using the site as a case study for stupidity. Important to note too is, despite the garbage they have posted about their location, indicates that the site is in the United States, but the real location is anonymous. Makes sense?

Topcanadadrugs Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Topcanadadrugs Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Top Canada Drugs Coupon Codes: does not deserve a lot of attention regarding the coupons they “offer.” So far I have been able to establish that the site is an absolute scam and no one should expect anything from them. Paid, free or otherwise. But they claim that they will give me 2 free pills of Viagra 100 mg/Cialis 20mg/Levitra 20 mg for every order.

Free Pills Offer on Top Canada Drugs
Free Pills Offer on Top Canada Drugs
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