Seized by ICE: How to Get Your Generic Medicines Now? was recently taken down by authorities. This action was taken by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), on behalf of the Homeland Security and many online medicines selling sites were served warrants. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

When you go to see their sites, you see a copy of the warrant which states that developing a copy of brand medicine is a copyright violation, and buying and selling it is akin to drug trafficking. Since and others were guilty of these charges, they were shut down by ICE in addition to facing legal consequences.

However, these coercive actions by the authorities are not in the interest of the public, as their access to lower priced generics is getting forcibly shut. Many studies confirm that the prices of brand medicines are high because of the monopoly of big pharmaceutical companies. The government’s lack of interest in regulating the prices of brand medicines and penalization of the generic medicine sellers speak volumes about its apathy towards the public’s plight. Reviews Main Page Main Page

When was operational, it was careful enough to introduce itself as a ‘concierge service’ and not an online pharmacy. This service was claiming to serve the customers by helping them get connected to generic medicine suppliers for a fee. Medicines found here were available in many areas that included Acne cure, ADHD management medicines, Substance Abuse controlling medicines, etc. One doesn’t get to know what kind of standing had with customers because the reviews related to it are obliterated now. Even WOT and Scam Void were unable to shed any light on the repute of In fact, Scam Void considered as a safe site, as there were apparently no reported threats against it: Safety Report Safety Report

There was no other option but to check the standing of on Scam Advisor which created an equally surprising result i.e., appeared to be highly trust rated store on Scam Advisor’s trust and safety scale, even though Scam Advisor was aware that had been marked as site seized by ICE and was also hiding its identity. Despite the masking attempt, Scam Advisor could still recognize as a USA-based store. Trust Rating Trust Rating Summary Information Summary Information

In the light of the above-given evidence, it’s very hard to understand how Scam Advisor and Scam Void consider a trustworthy site and are unable to find any threats in its business, despite its acknowledgment of the seizure of by ICE. Alternatives

The action against and others by ICE has put generic medicines users in a dilemma: where to get their medicines now from, considering it’s hard to determine which sources are legitimate and which ones are plain scams. Fret not! We have prepared a comprehensive guide of the most reliable online vendors selling generic medicines at the lowest prices. Through covering details like product range availability, safety assurance of medicines, prices, saving schemes, etc, we have got everything covered. With real users’ testimonies and legitimacy and safety analysis, we have left no aspect uncovered. From our guide, you can easily locate the most legitimate and trustworthy vendors of generic medicines, and pay prices that are much lower than brand medicines.

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