is closed: Did this Store Move to a New Address? Main Page was, like many other of its kind, an internet vendor that specialized in the sales of pills to customers. Even though its rates were not the best on the market, True-tablets did manage to keep something of an appeal to the group of customers that it maintained during the day. For this, many would be sorry to see the website go from the internet. Main Page

The website is not where it should be—the web address is now non-functional. However, the store has merely moved to another domain—the owners of the store bought a new domain so the True Tablets store can continue serving its consumers. Like the other modest yet well-loved pharmacies on the web, the store True Tablets was forcibly shut down by the government. There were no specific allegations for this store, though—the US government simply plastered a general notice on True Tablet’s former domain. Despite this rift with the authorities, the store Trusted Tablets chose to pursue serving consumers from all over the world, supplying medicines that are both cost-effective and effective for the medical conditions they are intended for. History

As earlier stated, was online for a while too – a timeframe which spans nearly four years, and in all of that time, they could not get a very good trust rating. Their website is filled with a wide variety of brand and generic pills at competitive prices, some of the best internet prices for the meds, even. This online pharmacy, due to its good service and dedication to its customer service, has come to acquire countless buyer reviews and testimonials from its most loyal customers. Clients raved about True Tablets’ good prices and bargain deals, and also thanked the store for its on-time deliveries. Although delays were inevitable at times, buyers were still grateful for their orders’ guaranteed arrival.

So far, no customer complaints were available for True Tablets, indicating that the shop indeed took care of its customers well. Alternatives is off the internet, which made it saddening for customers who were depending for their prescription filling supply on True Tablets. However, the offline status of this True Tablets store is but temporary, as the shop has now moved to a new web address, one with virtually the same content as the former website.

However, there is good news. If you are one of those that had served well in the past or one that wasn’t in support of its services, you get another chance to shop with trustworthy vendors now. With our Top List of internet pharmacies (our list includes True Tablets’ new domain), you can easily get the best fit for yourself in no time and start shopping again with a verified vendor.

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