Trust Pharmacy Review – Pharmacy Network You Can Surely Rely on (updated)


Trust Pharmacy is another online pharmacy network involving a hefty number of online stores. I’ve encountered several virtual drugstores having the store name “Trust Pharmacy”, and like the common pharmacy networks, all of the Trust Pharmacy sites all look the same—they sport the same template and have the same details such as identical pharmacy prices for all of their products, identical policies, and even identical contact information.

Trust Pharmacy Homepage
Trust Pharmacy Homepage

Trust Pharmacy Benefits:

  • Affordable products. Buyers can expect cheap prices for their meds at Trust Pharmacy – most of the items in the shop are at least 50% cheaper than the local drugstore prices for the same items.
  • Hassle-free ordering. Consumers need not register an account on Trust Pharmacy to be able to order on the website.
  • Reliable shipping. Trust Pharmacy is one of the online pharmacies that offer guaranteed deliveries to their consumers. Buyers can expect their orders to arrive on time or be refunded for lost parcels.
  • Friendly support team. You can ask the Trust Pharmacy support team to handle your inquiries well. Trust Pharmacy support team is reachable 24/7.
  • Genuine items. Since Trust Pharmacy sources its products directly from the manufacturers, consumers are assured of the authenticity and the high quality of the products available at Trust Pharmacy.
  • Excellent after-sales support. Not all online drugstores offer their assistance to clients after they purchase – Trust Pharmacy assists consumers until their orders reach them safely. You can count on the shop to do consistent follow-ups for your orders.
Why Customers Love Trust Pharmacy
Why Customers Love Trust Pharmacy

The Trust Pharmacy sites are linked to one main website and are all operating using the license of “Canadian Pharmacy Ltd”, which was established in 2001. All the stores with the Trust Pharmacy designation are meant only to collect orders from consumers and forward them to one central processing center. Online pharmacy networks, though they involve several sites, only have one central store, and all of the shops bearing the name are only for order-gathering.

Although some consumers may fear that they are dealing with fake sites upon seeing several “Trust Pharmacies” with similar content, some of these website affiliates are able to render efficient service to their consumers. However, though some members of one online pharmacy network are indeed operating legitimately, scammers are creating their own websites having the same name and content in order to dupe clients and steal payments. Despite the general safety of transacting with online pharmacies (like the shops involved with the Trust Pharmacy network), scammers recreating otherwise legitimately operating web stores put the consumers at risk.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

I checked the web for available reviews for this web pharmacy network and I was surprised to find positive reviews for this network. Here are some of the comments from satisfied clients of this web pharmacy network, N1 Canadian Pharmacy.

Trust Pharmacy Feedback
Trust Pharmacy Feedback

The testimonials for Trust Pharmacy-named stores were all surprisingly positive—there was not one negative mention for Trust Pharmacy in any of the sites (which was great, considering most web pharmacies had complaints from their past clients).

According to Samuel (from France), the shop was able to ship his products “speedily” and was even able to update him constantly for his past order. Samuel also stated that he used the store for several years without hassle.

Sarah (from Spain), on the other hand, commended the store’s courteous support team, which, according to her, was a rare trait in online support these days.

Buyers such as Piter (from Italy) and Barbara (from Sweden) appreciated their swift product deliveries from the store. These consumers openly stated their satisfaction for the store.

I appreciate that no bad comment existed for the members of the Trust Pharmacy network, indicating good service from the shop.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews 2018

Reviews for Trust Pharmacy for 2018 are accessible and just as I hoped, the customer comments for the shop were positive about its present-day performance.

Most of the buyers appreciated Trust Pharmacy’s fast service and they made a point to showcase their liking for the online pharmacy through their comments. According to one buyer, the shop had an excellent service and was efficient in dealing with his inquiries. Apart from the fast response, this user also appreciated the store’s cut-rate pricing.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews 2018
Trust Pharmacy Reviews 2018

Another user also mentioned being able to receive his order faster than anticipated. She also appreciated being “informed” of her order’s progress since day one, hence her constant use of the web drugstore for her needs.

The last customer thanked the store for its “courteous” service and mentioned that only a few online pharmacies are able to foster good relationships with their clients like Trust Pharmacy. Apart from the good-natured customer support team, the buyer also thanked the shop for the fast delivery.

So far, no buyer complaints existed for the website for 2018, hence our good impression of the shop. However, I’m still venturing to find more buyer testimonials for the website for the present year—I do hope the shop maintains its good position in the eyes of its buyers.

Trust Pharmacy Online

I’ve visited several Trust Pharmacy domains and all of them look similar. All of them have the store name “Trust Pharmacy: World Famous Pharmacy” and technically have the same contents.

All of the Trust Pharmacy online pharmacies began their operation in 2001 and has since offered low-cost medicine products to their patrons. Trust Pharmacy stores offer a wide selection of products for various medical conditions and the shops strive to give their clients the generic, more affordable counterparts for drugs which are supposed to be too expensive to afford. is one of the Trust Pharmacy stores available on the web and is a popular source of generic items. This shop sells medicines for impotence, fertility, anxiety, weight loss, depression, blood pressure, and various others. Good Pills offer one of the lowest drug prices on the web, hence the good reports for its service from clients.

Trust Pharmacy Homepage
Trust Pharmacy Homepage

Another example of a “Trust Pharmacy” site is This store, though, has now moved to another domain named, which is still functional and has the same content and good reviews.

Trust Pharmacy Homepage
Trust Pharmacy Homepage

The last Trust Pharmacy store is, which has the same content as the first two websites. All of these stores have the same prices, the same policies, and the same offers, indicating only one operation for all of these shops.




Trust Pharmacy Price (1 tablet) Average Market Price (1 tablet) Savings


Generic Viagra 100 mg


$0.27 $3.54 $3.27


Brand Viagra 100 mg


$2.56 $24.38 $21.82


Generic Cialis 20 mg


$0.68 $4.34 $3.66


Brand Cialis 20 mg


$3.72 $28.13 $24.41


Generic Levitra 20 mg


$1.00 $2.50 $1.50


Brand Levitra 20 mg


$3.71 $9.88 $6.17

Trust Pharmacy vs Average Market Prices for Cialis and Viagra

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

There are no coupon codes available on each Trust Pharmacy store, but I discovered that the websites are offering freebie pills on every purchase. Consumers are entitled to 2 pills of (generic) Viagra 100 mg, Cialis 20mg, or Levitra 20 mg.

Trust Pharmacy Bonus Pills
Trust Pharmacy Bonus Pills

Free shipping is offered by Trust Pharmacy to its buyers, provided that they reach a certain order amount on the store. Besides these offers, buyers can avail of extra discounts on the network stores when they order more than $200 worth of products. Clients with checkout totals of more than $200 can get a further 10% off their purchases on Trust Pharmacy.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

There are uniform phone numbers showcased on every Trust Pharmacy store—the same phone numbers are given to the consumers by all sites with the Trust Pharmacy label.

US: +1 718 487 9792

UK: +4420 3239 7092

It is characteristic for pharmacy networks to have uniform phone numbers since they have a central processing office. However, not all pharmacy networks have the same phone numbers, as some of them only have uniform store names and nothing more.

Trust Pharmacy Spam

I tried to search the web to know if Trust Pharmacy shops are identified with scam reports on the web. However, this pharmacy network did not have reports for non-processed orders, incomplete items, or non-deliveries, and I think this is a good sign.

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