Trusted Online Pharmacy – Ghost Chain of Affiliates

Trusted Online Pharmacy represents another network of online pharmacy sites on the web. Network pharmacies are increasingly popular lately, and it is because they are the new marketing strategy of companies seeking more sales for their products. Companies create replicas of their sites and give them new domains, all with a goal of directing more traffic to one main processing center.

I find this unreasonable, though—if I were the customer, I’d be scared seeing two identical shops which only vary by their domain names. Typically, the owners of pharmacy networks do not advertise that they actually own several clone sites, so it is possibly traumatic for consumers to see a network of identical websites without warning.

Network pharmacies are easily copied by scammers—their templates are easy to come by, which makes them a regular target for scammers. Dubious operators usually replicate otherwise legitimate sites and create them into traps for unsuspecting consumers. Although most network pharmacy sites are legit and safe, it is still considerably dangerous dealing with these shops because you’ll never know if the one you’re transacting with is a “real” pharmacy from the main company or just a scammer-created replica.

Trusted Online Pharmacy Reviews

I thought that the network Trusted Online Pharmacy had reviews from the web, like the other pharmacy networks. However, due to the poor keyword specificity of Trusted Online Pharmacy, it is almost impossible to find actual reviews for the network. Instead of Google bringing up valid results such as allusions to the Trusted Online Pharmacy network, I was given lists of “trusted” online pharmacies.

Trusted Online Pharmacy in NABP’s Roster of “Not Recommended” Websites
Trusted Online Pharmacy in NABP’s Roster of “Not Recommended” Websites

Because of the un-optimized results for my search, I decided to check the status of Trusted Online Pharmacy on the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Website (NABP) to verify if Trusted Online Pharmacy is a recommended site. However, I found one of the Trusted Online Pharmacy sites on the list of NABP’s “not recommended” online pharmacies, which indicates noncompliance on the part of Trusted Online Pharmacy.

Trusted Online Pharmacy Doesn't Appear in the CIPA Member Database
Trusted Online Pharmacy Doesn’t Appear in the CIPA Member Database

I also checked if Trusted Online Pharmacy belongs in the list of online pharmacies affiliated with CIPA Rx, one of the reliable associations for internet pharmacies. However, Trusted Online Pharmacy did not have its site affiliated with CIPA Rx.

Trusted Online Pharmacy Online

I only found one website with the name Trusted Online Pharmacy and it is the shop Visiting the site, though, I discovered that the store is not currently functional. Here is the screen shot of the store’s current state:

Trusted Online Pharmacy Main Page Error
Trusted Online Pharmacy Main Page Error

According to the error message posted on the website, the “page cannot be displayed”—it appears that the shop may have had a rift with its hosting service. There were no details concerning the store’s disappearance or its merger with another domain, and when I searched the web, I was also unable to discover discussions for this store’s closure.

There may be other “Trusted Online Pharmacy” stores on the web, but it is hard to identify the existing ones due to the network’s name which made it impossible to search the web properly.

Trusted Online Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Since there was no website to visit, I found no pharmacy codes and any discount offers for the consumers. The Trusted Online Pharmacy sites did not also publish their deals on the web, so there was no way of knowing if existing and former sites with the Trusted Online Pharmacy store name were able to offer cost-mitigating deals for their consumers.

Usually, web pharmacies offer various discounts for their clients such as free pills and free shipping for a set order amount, return client discounts, referral discounts, holiday codes, and bulk order discounts. Most drugstores offer at least one—but since no Trusted Online Pharmacy site is available on the web, it is hard to tell if the network had past or existing deals for the buyers.

Trusted Online Pharmacy Numbers

Due to the inaccessible state of the only Trusted Online Pharmacy site I knew, I was also unable to determine the phone numbers offered by the shop. The Scam Adviser information for its analysis on Trusted Online Pharmacy had a phone number, but it appears that the number was for the hosting service, which was the hosting provider for the closed Trusted Online Pharmacy shop.

Trusted Online Pharmacy Spam

Although good reviews were unavailable for Trusted Online Pharmacy, scam and spam reports related to the same pharmacy network were also not seen on the web. For this reason, I searched several domain assessing platforms to check on the present status of the only website I found for Trusted Online Pharmacy.

Trusted Online Pharmacy Website is a Rogue Website
Trusted Online Pharmacy Website is a Rogue Website

According to the analysis performed by Legit Script, the site is a “rogue” internet pharmacy website because it failed to measure up to Legit Script’s standards for validly operating websites.

Legit Script defined a “rogue” pharmacy as a store operating fraudulently and a shop noncompliant with the federal legislations for pharmacy operations.

Trusted Online Pharmacy Summary Information
Trusted Online Pharmacy Summary Information

I also used the platform Legit Script to check on The store was given a poor rating (0 out of 100) despite the store’s age being 12+ years. According to the Scam Adviser analysis for the Trusted Online Pharmacy website, its location is in the United States. A rogue status was also detected for the Trusted Online Pharmacy site, as well as a malware report related to its service.

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