Trusted Pharmacy Online – Think Twice when Dealing with Pharmacies Involved in Pharmacy Networks

Trusted Pharmacy Online is a name of one pharmacy network existing on the web. Today, groups of online drug stores, called online pharmacy networks, swarm the web—these online pharmacy networks are one of the new strategies used by online pharmacy operators to increase their sales. Pharmacy network owners believe that creating multiple websites having technically same contents can generate and increase visitor frequencies on their sites.

Although this technique, to some extent, is effective, the absolute effectiveness of this pharmacy network strategy is still unknown. In fact, the pharmacy networks are putting consumers in danger of interacting with fake websites, since the multiple websites created by the pharmacy operators encourage scammers to replicate their websites. Pharmacy operators do not announce that they actually have numerous platforms operating under one name, which makes it challenging for consumers to identify which are the legitimate stores and which are the scam ones.

As for the Trusted Pharmacy Online network, unfortunately, I only spotted one site with the “Trusted Pharmacy Online” name. Also, this website does not exist, leaving the Trusted Pharmacy Online without any active online pharmacy platform.

Trusted Pharmacy Online Reviews

There were no available consumer reports and comments concerning the Trusted Pharmacy Online network. I tried searching the web for feedbacks pertaining to websites having the Trusted Pharmacy Online name, but I was unable to come across any web mentions for the online pharmacy network.

Trusted Pharmacy Online Website is not Active
Trusted Pharmacy Online Website is not Active

Because I found one website with the Trusted Pharmacy Online in it (, I used several platforms to evaluate the site in order to gather more insight concerning the web domain. Scam Adviser, one of the platforms I used, though, did not have the site in record—the result for the web pharmacy only stated that the website was “not active”. There is no specific reason why online shops were not included in the prolific review site; in the case of this Trusted Pharmacy Online site, though, I think that it can be attributed to the shop’s brevity of operation.

Trusted Pharmacy Online Website Does Not Exista
Trusted Pharmacy Online Website Does Not Exista also did not have the web pharmacy on its database. According to the result from Scamner, the website does not exist anymore and that the domain is now “free to be registered by anyone”.

“Trusted Pharmacy Online” Online

There is only one Trusted Pharmacy Online site I found on the web, and it is the platform named Presently, the Trusted Pharmacy Online site does not exist—the shop’s domain registry has already expired years ago. The last record for the online platform was in 2011, from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

Trusted Pharmacy Online Main Page From Web Archive
Trusted Pharmacy Online Main Page From Web Archive

Although there were records available on the internet archive for the only Trusted Pharmacy Online site, it seems that the screenshots were taken after the shop’s domain expired. Instead of seeing at least a former web pharmacy, the Trusted Pharmacy Online domain showcased a “Pharmacy On-line Search” with advertisements from several websites. There were hints at the store being an online pharmacy, such as the product keywords on its right-hand portion, but beyond that, there were no other details for the store’s former operation.

Trusted Pharmacy Online Coupon Codes

I found no coupon codes available for the only Trusted Pharmacy Online website. Its retrieved records did not have any discount offer posted on it, and the web did not also yield results when I searched for online deals from any Trusted Pharmacy Online pharmacy.

The former Trusted Pharmacy Online store may have had deals offered for its consumers, as I’ve noticed in my multitude of encounters with online pharmacies, that online pharmacies are quite generous when it comes to discount offers. Web pharmacies are able to offer free pills, conditional free shipping, loyalty discounts, referral incentives, and so much more—deals which are typically not present at local pharmacies. Some online shops are also capable of offering lower prices for its consumers, especially shops which source their products in countries where generics for famed brand-name medications are legally dispensed.

Trusted Pharmacy Online Numbers

Even if the Trusted Pharmacy Online website had its former records available on the web archive site, I was unable to spot its contact details there. It is not surprising, though, that the Trusted Pharmacy Online website did not dare to share its contact information with its clients since it is pretty standard with online drugstores to not share their contact details with their consumers.

Although it is considered illegal for websites to conceal their contact details, there are a lot of online pharmacies which prefer to offer email integrations for their consumers instead of their actual details. I tried searching the web for Trusted Pharmacy Online numbers, but I failed—due to the shop’s closed status, it is almost impossible to search for its former contact details.

Trusted Pharmacy Online Spam

The good news about Trusted Pharmacy Online is that it did not have scam reports and spam mentions on the web. Although there were blog articles concerning trusted pharmacies and alleged online pharmacy scam activities, there were no direct mentions for the Trusted Pharmacy Online and its illicit activities.

Trusted Pharmacy Online Doesn't Appear in the CIPA Member Database
Trusted Pharmacy Online Doesn’t Appear in the CIPA Member Database

To make sure if the Trusted Pharmacy Online site ( is an approved pharmacy, I tried searching for it using the CIPA Rx database. I previously searched the domain in NABP’s list of “not approved” pharmacies, but fortunately, I did not find the online store there. I hoped to find the Trusted Pharmacy Online site on CIPA’s list of valid sites, but unfortunately, the store was not included in CIPA Rx’s list of legitimate websites.

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