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If I were to subject my assumption for based on its default language, I’d think that the site is located in France. Regarding its online tenure, I found out about the site was that it has been up for just a year less than a decade already—meaning the shop had more staying power than the average online drugstore.’s medicine line-up includes mostly prescription and non-prescription generic and brand-name medications. Yes, the site has meds from brand-name manufacturers like Bayer, Wyeth, GSK, Pfizer, and others. These branded meds have their own FDA-approvals. As for the generics, the meds being sold here are mostly from trusted manufacturers of generics located in India; therefore the FDA approvals of the meds sold here were also secured in the country. At least these products were all FDA-approved.

Prescriptions are required by, dissimilar from most online sites that just dispense medications to the clients as long as they would pay the fees. This pharmacy requires clients to provide the actual prescriptions for their Rx meds in order to be able to proceed with their orders. Consumers are given three days to settle their prescriptions with Support; after that, the orders placed will get canceled.

There are actually a lot of meds to choose from here at Clients can come here and get their prescriptions fulfilled here in no time, given the number of medications this site has (if all the site’s stocks are available). As for me, I have been looking everywhere for sites with reasonable ED meds prices, so I checked the site’s pricing for the products I was looking for.

I have seen’s prices and I can say that the prices were actually reasonable, and actually (pleasantly) surprising, especially for the ED meds. The pharmacy has Viagra from Pfizer and the product is being sold here at just $99.95 for 8 pills of the 100 mg drug. Cialis made by Eli Lilly’s here too and may be bought at $109.95 for a pack of 8, 20-mg pills. These prices are actually cheap enough and are just about 6 times less inexpensive than what is sold in several online stores. Clients can surely save cash by purchasing ED meds from this site, provided that the site is able to give the clients good service and actually deliver.

Clients may pay for their orders via major credit cards only. Shipping here is offered in two options: the 5 to 9-day Express shipping ($30) and the 10 to 21-day Standard shipping ($10). The site is considerate enough to offer its clients refunds or reshipments to non-delivered orders, damaged parcels, incomplete orders, and wrong orders. Any error by the site in terms of shipping will be compensated by refund or reshipment of products.

Should clients have additional questions regarding the order process, they may freely ask the site’s representatives at +1 800 532 4808 (US Toll-Free), +1 718 475 9088 (Regular US), and +44 203 011 0241 (UK). may be also e-mailed using the virtual form on the site. The site supposedly has a live support function, but the service seems unavailable at the time of my visit. Reviews

Because of the service rendered by Trusted Med Store 24, buyers were eager to air their comments for the shop. Buyer testimonials were for customer gratitude for the store’s excellence when delivering its service to the buyers. Here are some of the buyer reports for Trusted Med Store 24: Feedback Feedback

According to Jan, he was able to receive his order albeit initially, he had several concerns about the shipping. He received two parcels—one for his order and another for the freebie; he said that the shop should have shipped his order all at once.

Ken, another consumer, also thanked the store because he was able to receive his items. He also commented about receiving free Cialis pills from the shop, although he still anticipates the arrival of the rest of his package. Reviews 2017

More buyer testimonials were still available for Trusted Meds Store 24 and the current reviews for the shop were still as good as the ones before. Feedback 2017 Feedback 2017

Curt initially thought that the shop scammed him, but his order was merely delayed. Because he initially filed a complaint with the shop due to his delayed orders, he ended up getting double the amount he paid for, and the shop did not even ask him to return the products. He was overtly grateful for this.

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Clients are given free shipping on orders $151 up. There are also several pills given away for orders which start at 20 pieces. Also, is giving all buyers who will purchase for the second time a-5% discount, and for those purchasing a third or succeeding time, a 7% discount.

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