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Front Page of does not seem trustworthy at all to me, because of the fact that I have seen sites with numerous domains but still has the exact same site template. I don’t know if it’s legal for sites to look alike; but somehow, sites like are able to get away with having site clones with various domains. According to the information found in the site, it is a trusted seller of generic medicines online. The site did not have any mention of its start of operations, but its copyright below suggests that it might have started operating in 2004. With regards to its location, the site also did not specify where it can be found.

The online pharmacy,, has numerous products in its roster, and the products can all be seen in the left side of the site, grouped according to the medical conditions that the medicines are relevant to. As for the source of these generic products, the site states that they’re mostly from India, manufactured by Indian-FDA approved companies. The pharmacy reassures clients regarding the product quality, stating that the generic medicines are as good and potent as their brand-name counterparts, since they have the same active ingredient. According to the pharmacy, the branded meds differ only by price.

As for the dispensing of these medicines, allows purchase of these meds even without clients sending the Rx upon purchase. This, for others, is a good thing, as other clients want the accessibility of these meds sans the hassle (and sometimes, embarrassment) of doctor visits. But along with this ease of access with these Rx meds come the risk of incurring health damages if these meds were used for self-medications without proper medical assessment, especially of allergy history or possible adverse drug interactions.

Prices by, as expected, are cheap; expressly when it comes to the ED medication. This store sells Generic Viagra (Sildenafil) for $9.49 each of the 100 mg tablet and $10.46 each for the Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) at 20 mg (the common dose). These are affordable pricing for ED meds, as the branded ones cost almost 10x as expensive per tablet. This pricing by could really help out a lot for clients suffering with ED, IF this site is as real as it claims, and not too good to be true.

Shipping by Trusted Pharm Online costs $20 for Express (EMS) and only $9.95 for AirMail. It is up to the clients which to choose; the site gives its clients the liberty to decide which shipping option to employ. Of course, the EMS is much faster, taking up only 5 to 9 days of travel time from warehouse to client doorstep, but for the AirMail option, the waiting time is more tedious—2 to 3 weeks (to a month) before finally getting delivered. But, aside from these shipping charges, the site has hidden charges applied to the products upon checkout—additional $4.95 fees for delivery insurance and the “discreet packaging”. I just hope that the site was able to discuss these fees before adding them into the clients’ bill. As for the payments, this site,, accepts major credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, and Amex; and also E-checks.

Returns were not mentioned by, but it mentions being able to do refunds for losses in delivery such as the inability to deliver the products to the ordering clients. Aside from that, there were no other discussions available. I suggest that the site should be asked in this regard, as it can provide clearer answers. Support is available for contact thru +1-760- 284-3222 for US clients and +4420-3286- 3820 for EU clients; and also available to answer questions by email by its built-in messaging function.

The thing is, I am having problems returning to this site for a second look. I was just about to check some details that I missed on my first visit, but I can’t seem to open the site from my browser. I checked if my internet connection is having issues; but it was working fine—I was able to open several other pages; just not this site. It may be that there is some error due to maintenance, but, it may also be that the site was already taken down. Whatever the reasons are, the point is that the site cannot be reached anymore. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

Honestly, I am starting to get exasperated by these repetitive reviews I am seeing in various sites. Because looks exactly like several of the sites I have visited, I guessed that I would also be seeing the same old reviews that I have seen in those identical sites. Alas, it was true! I have also seen these same old reviews from Benjamin (Andorra), St. Patricks (Irish France), and Samuel (Spain) in this site.

The content of the so-called reviews are the same, word-for-word, minus any revision whatsoever. Frankly, they are tiring to see. And because I have seen them for the Nth time around, I am pretty sure that this site is also a bait site we should all be veering away from.

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Trusted Pharm Online Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Trusted Pharm Online Trust Rating by Scamadviser

I am not surprised that the site was rated 0% safe by Scam Adviser. Being rated 0% is not at all good; indicative that the site is not anywhere near safe to use. I would not trust my money with a site that has nothing but a 0% assurance of safety to offer.

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Free Pills Offer on Trustedpharmonline offers some promotional encouragement to its clients, which looks like textbook promotions to me, since they were also modeled after the other sites that it copied its contents from. There is this archaic “free pills promo”, coupled with this free shipping for orders $201 up. Well, these offers are better than nothing, as others say.

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