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I am still in the business of looking for some great online pharmacies where I can get my supply of medicine at great prices, and the one I stumbled upon this time around was The first thing I noticed when I went to look for the internet drugstore is its hefty number of products for various medical uses. This store is packed with brand and generic meds and though modest looking, the store still looked professional and inviting.

The shop had accreditations from prestigious Canada-based organizations, which place the shop’s location in Canada. It has been around for 9 years, which means that the store must have been indeed popular with the clients to last that long in the business.

Looking at the products list, it can be seen that Trusted Tablets Online was a big seller of anything from the brand and generic scene. The main assortment of pills did seem to be the erectile dysfunction options as those were the ones which sold the most and was advertised over all others, although the shop also stocked various products for other medicinal uses.

Speaking of ED pills, I quickly went in search of the popular options in a bid to get the average selling price on the e-store. The first pill I checked was Viagra which was listed for $0.8 per pill. Not far from this one is the Cialis offering, selling for an equally cheap price of $1.30. Of course, this is the price that I got on the generic options of both medicine, but the prices for the brand options are also great. To cap it all, TrustedTabletsOnline promises that the drugs that leave the pharmacy are all certified by the FDA.

Payment for the orders is accepted through the use of credit cards. Alternatives to the credit card mode of payment are payment via MoneyGram and Western Union, as listed by the e-store. After the orders are paid, the shop promises that it will ship the items on the same day. The various shipping methods available are limited to just Standard Airmail and EMS. For the latter, the customer would need to just wait for about a week and pay $30 (very acceptable for non-urgent situations, while the former would call for $10 on a waiting period of 10 – 21 days. If you have more cash to spare, it is advisable to pay for the EMS shipping option, especially for time-sensitive orders.

Getting in touch with the customer care agents has been provided for with the use the customer support tabs and toll-free numbers. You can reach out to the shop using its phone numbers and its contact page—just dial the numbers provided or leave the store a message. According to the policy page, a customer is entitled to a refund on their orders if they got the wrong package, did not get the package at all or can prove that they were sent damaged goods. Due to the laws guiding pills sold on internet pharmacies, Trusted Tablets Online would not accept medicine that has already left the store, as per international pharmacy standards. Reviews

Since the e-store showcased nine years of expertise on the internet, I was sure that I was going to get some independent user reviews about them on the internet.

The first comment I saw was left by phaedrus1962 was a bit unfair for the website, because the buyer only rated the shop a low score because it changed its name, and nothing more. Although he gave the shop an overall rating of 0.6 out of 5, he mentioned that he was able to get his Fildena stash from the store, which turned out effective for his medical condition. Customer Experience Customer Experience

The second commenter was RichieZ, on the other hand, praised the speed at which his questions were answered, the speed at which he got his package delivered, and the awesome packaging on the product. Overall, all of these are great reviews and points to an e-store which knew what it was doing back in the day. Reviews 2017

Recent reviews of the internet pharmacy can be obtained from their website. According to the testimonials, there was a Ken who ordered Cialis and said that ‘they seem [to] work very well.’ He also commended the customer support system, alongside Mark who puts in that they ‘are a very impressive company.’ Curt also gives his best comments to the store whom he thought were scamming him before, and the last on the list was Stewart, grateful for a ‘life changing product’. Customer Experience 2017 Customer Experience 2017

Mark, on the other hand, exclaimed about how impressive the Trusted Tablets store was and stated that he will surely tell his friends about this store.

“Stewart” confirmed his receipt of his orders from the store and also related how effective the pills he ordered were. Coupon Codes

It is sure that customers would want to get better deals on their purchases, and the e-store does make provision for this. The first great offer that I saw was that of free pills which comes on orders of ED medicine. The buyer could get at least four free pills and a much as twenty free pills from the shop: Discount Offers Discount Offers

The e-pharmacy also promises free Airmail shipping on certain orders. For the returning customers, the customer is able to get 7% off their orders. I think these deals are great and quite encouraging.

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