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Since this site is named, it is safe to assume that it is an online pharmacy operating from the United Kingdom. UK-RxCart is different due to the fact that it offers products for lesser medical conditions than what the other sites have. only has meds for weight loss and energy, skin care, hormonal control, and sexual health, unlike the sites that list numerous others. This vendor of pharmaceuticals seems new as it is running for only about two years now. has no FAQ section which made it hard for me to have an idea how it works. There was also no information on how this website sources its drugs and regarding the meds’ FDA approvals. There were a lot of information missing on the site; I was supposed to ask the Support about them, but no operator was online during my visit.

As for the men’s sexual health medications, UK-Rxcart is offering only a handful of products. The ones this shop is offering are Generic Cialis, Generic Viagra, Super P Force, Dostinex/Cabaster, Mirapex, Dapoxetine, and Generic Levitra. The prices are inexpensive here; Sildenafil costs $49.95 for a bottle of 30, 100mg tablets, its Generic Cialis costs the same for a bottle of 30, 40 mg tablets, and its Generic Levitra costs $51.16 for a bottle of 30, 20mg pills. Compared to the suggested retail prices of these meds in the stores, these are generally lower. charges $15.37 for the shipping, which is via Royal Mail. The site does not provide any shipping alternative than this one. This is also an indication that the site may not be shipping to other territories other than UK and EU. As per site info, dissatisfied clients may return the products within 10 days of receipt, but less the shipping and handling expenses. Since there was no FAQ section to refer to, I wasn’t able to take a look at the site’s policies for non-deliveries, damages, and incomplete orders. has live chat support, but when I visited, there was no operator to entertain me. Customer support may also be contacted through e-mail by submitting the contact form found on the official site. As for the phone numbers, there were none; even a mailing address for the site isn’t available.

Customer Service Message Window on
Customer Service Message Window on Reviews: Reviews Reviews

Client assessments are present for every product in For instance, there were client reviews for Cytomel, which was a weight-loss agent. Nathaniel, a client who posted 4/30/2016 confirmed his receipt of the order, though he complained of the order taking too long to arrive. He rated the site 4/5, due to the product’s expensive price; had the product been priced cheaper, he would have rated it higher.

Though Nathaniel said that the product was good, Aroa (4/1/2016) said otherwise. According to the client, he/she was a regular buyer fromUK-Rxcart shop, and this last time he bought the pills, they looked different, and the client was unable to feel the effects. In short, the client was having doubts about the legitimacy of the products.

These were reviews found on Although there were a lot of client reviews in-house which were positive, I was amused that I was able to see negative ones too. But still, this doesn’t discount the fact that these are in-site reviews only, and that these should be taken with much caution and skepticism.

UK-Rxcart Reviews 2016:

UK-Rxcart Reviews 2016
UK-Rxcart Reviews 2016

There were a number of current reviews (2016) for the products vended by These ones were reviews for the site’s Tadalafil (Generic Cialis). Although there were positive reviews, a number of the reviews were also honest about giving the site negative remarks with regards to their experiences with’s products.

For instance, Grace (1/14/2016) commended the site’s customer support; however, according to the client, the product was not as effective as she thought. The client was also disappointed after reading the other clients’ reviews.

Dmitry, another client, posted two reviews for the products from the store. His first review was on 4/3/2016; in there he complained about the site’s Tadalafil that didn’t work. He then thought that the pills were mixed up with another. But in his other review, Dmitry praised the site for being able to give replacements for the ineffective pills that were sent to him. The replacement pills worked well, according to him.

Another client, Stephen (6/16/2016), was disappointed with UK-Rxcart Tadalafil; according to him, the meds weren’t effective at all.

UK-Rxcart Trust Rating by Scamadviser
UK-Rxcart Trust Rating by Scamadviser

As for the rating from Scam Adviser, was given only a 25% rating, a high-risk and low-trust rating status. This means that the vendor obtained several client complaints with regards to its service and products. UK-Rxcart was also connected with several malware incident reports; thus the unsafe reports.

UK Rx Cart Coupon Codes:

There were no coupon or discount codes found on or on the web. No offers stand for the clients at the moment; although it’s too bad because as a client, I am rooting for more discounts from this site.

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