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There are only a few sites offering 100% delivery guarantees (especially for steroids), and this site, was the first I have seen to have it, although that guarantee was only for its UK clients alone. The site carries the seal of Gen-Shi Laboratories, Roid Plus, and Oxydine Metabolics but did not offer links to them for verification. Although the name of the site includes “UK” in it, I can’t tell if the site really operates from there since there was no information regarding its business address (and also its length of operation).

Products sold by are mostly anabolic steroids in different forms, plus a number of hormones and cycle therapies. Aside from those products, the site listed several men’s health and general health medications too. Since my concern for this site was the ED meds, I checked the Men’s Health category to see if I can find meds for ED. Fortunately, there were a few available, and all of them are generics. There was one from Ajanta Pharma (India), and the rest were from’s steroid manufacturers. Gen-Shi’s Cialis (Tadalafil) costs $42 for 30 tabs (20 mg) and its Sildenafil costs $30 for 30, 50 mg pills.

Although the products were cheap, their FDA approvals are still in question, since the site did not have information regarding these products’ compliance with the FDA regulations and the WHO-GMP guidelines. All the products may also be bought without prescriptions, although all of the products found on are strictly Rx.

Payments acceptable by the site are the ones from Western Union remittances and Bitcoin payments. It offers 15% off clients’ orders when they pay through Bitcoin. As for the shipping rates, the regular shipping (up to 25 days transit) costs $16 and express shipping costs $53 but is available for European countries only (3-day transit only). guarantees reshipments for orders which were seized by Customs (which gives us an idea that the products sold by the site are generally illegal). But, there are countries which does not reship to like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, North Korea, South Korea, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Philippines. There was no refund or reshipment policy for other cases though (damaged orders, etc.).

Clients may reach the site using live chat, but the service was offline last time I checked. states that it’s from the UK, but did not list its address or its phone numbers. Clients can reach its support team using the email form found on its site. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

There was one review from 2015 from Ratisdy who posted his review on He said that he ordered from and wasn’t able to receive anything from the store. He paid using Western Union and the guy he emailed gave several excuses and ended up telling him that he’s sending freebies. The client said that he was scammed by the site.

No other reviews were posted for the site, but I think this review is sufficient to prove that is not a good site to order from. is a renowned site for steroid reviews, so this negative review was verified before posted. I wish there were more reviews, though, but this one review can suffice at the moment.

UKroids Reviews 2016:

UKroids Trust Rating by Scamadviser
UKroids Trust Rating by Scamadviser

No other reviews were found for from the current year and maybe because no one dared to try ordering from it due to its negative review from Its Scam Adviser rating was not pleasing either—it was given 10% and labeled high-risk. It was found out to be a 3-year-old pharmacy with a “rogue” status and with connections to a number of suspicious sites on its server. Also, the owner of the site uses a service to hide where the site operates from, so the location of the site remains anonymous.

UK Roids Coupon Codes:

Coupon Codes for Using on UK Roids
Coupon Codes for Using on UK Roids

There were no other promos from the site aside from the one I mentioned earlier which was related to Bitcoin payments. Clients are eligible for a 15% off coupon if they will purchase using Bitcoins as payment. They just have to enter UKR15 during checkout and select the Bitcoin option.

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