Review – Don’t Let Great Discounts Offers Convince You! Home Home is one of the few online pharmacies dealing only with ED medication (as implied by the website’s name). Although “America” was mentioned in its domain, there is no hard proof on the site that it is indeed operating from America. It is almost 5 years in its operation, and it aims to create lasting relationships for every client ordering from it.

All the medications vended by are either generic or herbal in nature. The pharmacy does not sell brand-name meds, as it aims to give clients a cheaper option when it comes to their ED medicines. Though generic, assures its clients that the ingredients of the medicines are approved by the FDA and the World Health Organization (WHO). Dissimilar from the other sites, requires prescriptions for all Rx meds sold by the pharmacy. This means that prescriptions are required to be able to order the ED meds because they are actually Rx-only meds.

Ten pills of Generic Viagra (100 mg) costs $38 here at Generic Cialis costs $36 per 10 pieces of the 20-mg pill, and Generic Levitra costs the same ($36 for 10 pills). Aside from these 3, also has herbal options for the ED meds, which are all non-Rx, due to their “herbal” status. sells products from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, which all for enhancing the clients’ sexual capability. I do not have much knowledge about these herbal enhancers, but clients seem to feel that they work; but these should also be taken with caution, and if possible, under the advice of a licensed physician. offers shipping for free on all orders beyond $100 but charges $10.99 for Regular shipping (15-21 days) and $40 for Express shipping (5 to 9 days). Credit cards and debit cards are the accepted payment methods by the store, and apart from those, isn’t able to accept any. I cannot discuss the pharmacy’s return/reimbursement/reshipment policies, as there is nothing pertaining to them on the site. As a client, I prefer seeing a concrete policy regarding these concerns so I know I can’t just be tricked by any site. It is dangerous to deal with a site having no policies when it comes to failed deliveries, as a crook site might use its lack of policies as an excuse in swindling clients.

This store’s lack of contact information makes me think twice about ordering from it too. Buyers may only contact by the inquiry form on it, and nothing more. I find sites without addresses disturbing, much more so the ones like which did not have even a single phone number or at least an e-mail address. I could ask the chat support, but during my visit, there were no operators online to take my inquiries. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

It is a wonder for me that, a 5-year old site wasn’t able to acquire external site reviews from clients who were able to experience its service. I was able to get ahold of some reviews posted on the website for one of its products.

I was able to view client ratings for’s herbal supplement, Sperman, which is a product supposed to help out with clients’ sperm count (infertility). According to the client John Napier (April 9, 2016), his doctor suggested that he should take Sperman and he did. According to the client, he is experiencing improvement on his condition. He gave the site 3 stars.

Danny Turley was another client who tried’s Sperman and he rated the store 4 stars for it. According to the Danny, he noticed that there was a slight improvement in his semen, and thinks that maybe his sperm count might have increased.

There was really no confirmation if these reports were indeed true; also, these reviews were just found at and there’s a chance that these reviews were not at all true.

Viagra In America Reviews 2016:

Viagra In America Reviews 2016
Viagra In America Reviews 2016

These recent reviews I got were for’s Kamagra by Ajanta Pharma (Indian manufacturer). Walter Claude (posted August 14, 2016) told in his review that he was able to get the product at the “best rates” and was also able to receive his order. He appreciated the site’s drug information posted for Kamagra and told that the info helped him decide the right dosage. However, even the client gave the product 5 stars, there was no mention regarding the how fast the delivery went or how effective the product was.

Leroy Taylor also gave 5-stars due to its effectiveness. According to him, there is no better ED medicine than the store’s Kamagra Gold.

Still, even if these reviews are good to see, they are still just from the site, and not from external sites which could not be biased towards giving reviews for sites.

Viagra In America Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Viagra In America Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Scam Adviser gave only 13% safe and gave it a “high-risk”. According to the analysis, isn’t even in America; it is located in either India or Russia. Also, the pharmacy has acquired a number of bad reports from clients and other websites. It was also listed as a Rogue pharmacy and was reported being untrustworthy.

ViagraInAmerica Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Viagrainamerica
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $100 on Viagrainamerica
Coupon Codes for Using on Viagrainamerica
Coupon Codes for Using on Viagrainamerica

Aside from the free shipping offer for orders above $100, also is offering a special Halloween discount for its clients. Buyers just have to enter the code HVIA40 during checkout to avail an unconditional 40% discount. I have tried the promotion and it works! It is really good if the site would really be able to deliver all orders, and not turn out to be a scam.

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