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It was in my search for those internet drugstores that would give one the best value for money that I stumbled upon the business that is being operated at This is an internet drugstore that sells its wares at very affordable prices to those who are seeking to get them online. Likewise, they guarantee that the buyer is anonymous with the products that they have ordered. From the information on the website, it was not hard to decide that they have been in the business since the year 1998, and have been operating out of the United States. Of a truth, close to two decades in the business is not child’s play.

The founder of this e-store made the e-pharmacy in such a way that it caters to the needs of men, and that alone. While I could have deciphered this from the domain name, Via Medic is an e-pharmacy which sells erectile dysfunction medicine as the main assortment. In fact, there is nothing else to be found on the website asides of these. To cap it all off, the management of ViaMedic has announced that they are sellers of only brand medication. Thus, those looking for the generic option of medicine would have to go elsewhere to get that.

To get the average price at which pills are being sold at the website, I went in search of the pricing information and tags that are attached to each and every none of Cialis, Levitra and Viagra on the website. Unfortunately, these are not to be found, but I know that the pricing would be quite heavy, since they are the brand options. Things are made better with the promise of an FDA approval in all of the medicine that leaves this store. Afterall, they were all brand medicine and are expected to have that.

The buyer is given the chance to pay for their orders with the use of credit cards or by money order. After the aid payment, the package is processed and sent out on shipping. Since there was no shipping method stated on the website, it is easy to assume that they make use of the Standard Airmail. Likewise, it does not seem that they ship worldwide, limiting their scope to the Americas and Europe. There are no shipping costs and estimated time of delivery associated with the shipping information on the website

The customer care agents can be reached at the toll-free numbers, email contact support form and via the website itself, but there is no support for live chat function on board. With the sheer number of customers that they would be dealing with, it is understandable why the e-store might not have such provision in place.

On the issue of returns, Via Medic would take back the medicine that has been shipped, but under specific conditions. While there is no policy page dedicated to this, it is sure that there would be some refund or reshipment plan in place for the customer that did not get their package, got the wrong order or received damaged goods. Reviews

For an internet pharmacy that has been online for as long as this one claims, it would have been criminal to look for user reviews on them and not find any. From the stables of, Mike Parker was happy with the ‘great service’ and ‘excellent prices’ that the e-store offers. He claims to ‘have been ordering from for 4 years now’ and has never been let down. Next to that comment is a review by Olivia who left one star, and claimed to have ‘never received anything’ after she placed an order. Feedback Feedback

Again, a Melissa commented and advised that people ‘not use’ apparently, she ‘ordered from this site almost 3 years ago,’ and is still yet to get anything. If these reviews are anything to go by, then the e-store has failed to live up to its name and years of experience. Reviews 2016

Considering the most recent reviews of Via Medic by actual paying customers, one does have something to smile about. The first commenter I saw claimed that ‘ViaMedic is outstanding in my book,’ the next one confirmed that they ‘delivered on schedule,’ and the third commended the ‘great service.’ Feedback 2016 Feedback 2016

One client who just left their name and identifier as Viagra said that Via Medic is ‘a good company’ that deserves a ‘5-star rating.’ Still from Trustpilot, another commenter said they were a ‘great site’ who had a responsive customer care service. Not far from this comment can be found another which laud the e-store for the order and reorder processes, as well as the speed of their shipping. Customer Experience 2016 Customer Experience 2016

The last two comments I considered bordered on the parts of ‘good quality meds’ and ‘great buying experience.’ From all of these five-star ratings from recent commenters and buyers, it seems has perfected its service to the extent where it can do no wrong with customers. Coupon Codes

For the buyers that would like to have more on their orders, Via Medic has made the provision for some coupon codes and discount offers for such buyers. Getting into the website one of the most prominent is the coupon code that gives the customer 5% off all the medications in the store. Coupon Code Coupon Code

Of course, there would be some terms and conditions that apply to the coupon codes and how the customers can make use of them.

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