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This is yet another plain-looking site. It is inconclusive where this site is from, as there is no mention whatsoever of its current location. Copyright suggests that this site started year 2000 (thus explaining the retro look). For a site running for 16 years; I am totally underwhelmed by how it looks like. The site seems to have received little or no maintenance at all, for the past 16 years. It still looks like a template to me.

It is noticeable that the site has this long, long, list of available meds found in the typical online pharmacy. And if you’ll guess ED meds as the bestsellers, then you’re spot on! It is typical that this site had ED meds as the top-selling product. This site is so predictable.

As to where the meds came from, the site’s statement is that it sources its meds from multi-national, FDA-approved health and pharmaceutical companies globally. It could have just said India, as it is of no surprise to me at all, as the online companies usually source there.

The meds are mostly generics and prescription meds. There is no mention, whether the prescription meds dispensed by this site need to have actual prescriptions first before being shipped out to the client. Rx meds not requiring the appropriate prescriptions upon purchase is illegal practice.

Since the products here are mostly generics, we can assume that ED meds are cheap here. Sildenafil’s lowest price in this site is at $1.92 for bulk purchases. But there is not much difference between the minimum purchase cost of Sildenafil versus the bulk purchase price. It’s just a matter of cents, really. As for Cialis, the lowest price in this site for the drug is $2.47 each for the 10 mg drug. Not bad pricing for generic ED drugs, but not too cheap either.

The site only takes credit card payments, because according to them, it is most convenient for both clients and the company. Shipping is free for all orders $100 up. For orders below that, shipping rate is only $9. There is also no other shipping method aside from Airmail. The orders will take 14-20 days to arrive to their respective destinations. As for returns, cancellations, and refunds, there is no clear policy for the actions the site will take regarding cases related to those topics.

As for the customer support, the site has not a live customer support service. Support can only be contacted through email correspondence. This is the email address: [email protected]

World Drugs Reviews:

There are some reviews found on the site regarding positive experiences with the site. Consumers commend the site for being able to deliver their orders and delivering it in a “timely manner”. The testimonials spoke mostly of the impressive delivery, which is good news.

But, these reviews being from the site itself, makes them super unreliable. It is just easy for the site’s admin to place a text box with positive review content. Unfortunately, those are the only ones site has; the site did not have third-party reviews from independent review sites or clients.

World-Drugs Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on World Drugs
Scamadviser Report on World Drugs


As for client reviews of the site in 2016, there is also none to be found. This is still a mystery that baffles me much. A site like this one (which started in 2000) should have countless reviews, either good or bad regarding the services offered by the site.

Scam Adviser, on the one hand, rated the site as 62%–higher than most, but still poses a potential threat for consumers. The analysis also indicated’s actual location as US or India. Coupon Codes:

There are some promos being run by the site. There is a free shipping promo on all orders over $100. New customers also get to have a worth $25 of products gift if they would order $100 worth of items or above. That is sure a good deal to try by new customers—the clients can avail both promos simultaneously.

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