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I really need to find a reliable and CHEAP drug store. I have selected a few online pharmacies that seem to be trustworthy and World Pharma is first on my list to review.

According to its calms, is one of the leading international medical providers that is following QA measures to provide and maintain the safety and accuracy of each order at each step. It is providing medications since 2008 and reported thousands of customers satisfied with their online service. First thing that I notice is that World Pharma is meeting the patient’s safety criteria of international standards set by regulating authorities or organizations such as MIPA, CIPA. Customers from India, US and Europe are able to get benefits from this online pharmacy”.

The World Pharma is offering a vast range of medical products that are approved by the USFDA, such as weight loss products, anabolic steroids, men’s health, skin care, diabetes, blood pressure, anxiety, pain killer, and anti-depressants. Approval from USFDA is my first criteria.

While browsing its website, I noticed that it provides medication to the online customers at very reasonable prices. Viagra, is available at $ 90 per a box of 10 tablets. What is even better is the fact that generic Silda with Sildenafil Citrate costs twice as cheap: 40$ per a box of 10 tablets. Other famous and well selling products are Cypiobolic injection, oxynabolic tablets, ED drugs, Ananvar and Clomid, as I can see while visiting its selling page.

My second criteria is money saving options, of course. Let’s see what we have in specials. The pharmacy offers saving opportunity to its customers – up to 70% on different products. It offers 10 % discount for new customers who are registered with

I wonder if something goes wrong at the border and my package is not allowed to enter the country or medication shipped is wrong, or if I am simply not satisfied with the quality of a product, what will be the outcome? World Pharma provides a money back satisfaction guarantee that means if customers are not satisfied with the product they can return the product and get their refund. I am yet to find out what is going to happen if my package is turned down, but I would have to contact customer service to find out.

I have contacted World Pharma through the live call. World Pharma is helping the customers through 24/7 live support (live call, live chat). Customers can also submit a query by submitting online support form and forward it to the pharmacy if international call fee is not exciting you. I was reassured that in case something goes wrong at the border and my package returns to the sender, which usually does not happen, I will get a full refund. The only thing I was not too thrilled about is a bit high standard shipping rate ($ 30 per shipment). It is still ok if you are buying a lot of meds, but it is not going to work just to get my 10 pills of Silda, unless I am going to get an annual stock. The accepted payment methods are the Western Union, MoneyGram and Credit Cards. USA and Canada citizens can pay through WU Money Transfer, which I am not too crazy about. Also, for new customers, weekly payment limit is $ 600. Well, I hope I would never have to go over this limit. Reviews:

Now, let’s see what other customers have to say about World Pharma. I remember seeing a statement on its website, stating that World Pharma is a customer oriented service; it pays more attention to customer’s needs and benefits by considering their feedback and reviews as an assessment of their online pharmacy service.

I am not going to place my order blindly and risk a great amount of money just to find out that it is a next scam store on my way. I want to make an informed decision when choosing my provider of pharmaceutical products that I can refer to in the future, considering that my “great” insurance, offered by my employer, does not cover my prescriptions and they cost way too high in US pharmacies. Just my recent visit to a drug store to get a pain relief after my tooth extraction costed me 30$ for a box of generic pills, which I could easily buy for 5$ from an Indian pharmacy and have it home in stock in case when I needed. The question is how to find a reliable pharmacy. I think customer reviews might help. The customer, Chris, had purchased pharmaceuticals in 2015. He was satisfied with fast shipping and customer care. He had bought products several times before, and he insists on purchasing pharmaceuticals only from world pharma. He said “Very fast shipping, great product, and customer care. Have got more then I paid for on every order. Bought from several times now and will be the only place I ever buy from”.

Mr. Steven had also reviewed as a fast delivery service and great product. He was happy, because he received the product in 5 days. He said “Great product and real fast deliver service. Got it in 5 days”.

Mickey and Terry had also liked the service: they purchased the pharmaceutical and got the highest quality with the fastest delivery. Mickey said “Product arrive after two weeks, and it was the real deal with box and lot number. Not a fake”. Similarly, Terry said “Some of the highest quality products available. Always discreet, and easy to contact if you need customer assistance. The prices are right on”. Consumer Reports Consumer Reports

In 2014 Robert Palus had ordered the product that arrived in 6 days. He liked the service, customer care and quality of the product. He said “EXCELLENT SERVICE. Got my order in just 6 days, and everything was perfect. The owner is very kind and cares about each and every order he does. I absolutely recommend this store”.

John, another customer of, has purchased pharmaceuticals from it and was happy with its fast delivery even for a small order. He said “These guys deliver every single time. If any mistakes get made they quickly make good and right the situation. It is so hard to trust other online sites but world-pharma is legit”. Consumer Experience Consumer Experience

Positive reviews for confirm its excellent quality products service to all the customers worldwide. I think it is a good choice to place my future orders.

World-pharma Reviews 2016:

Concerning its recent reputation and popularity among customers: I have found a good number of reviews in 2016. The World Pharma has received almost all positive reviews recently that is a good sign of the authenticity of an online pharmacy.

On 19-03-2015 a customer J Bevin’s had used the service, and he said that it is a great place for purchasing reliable products. He said, “Great place to shop secure reliable stuff.”

Another customer Josue labeled it as legit, he ordered the product and received then within the expected time frame. He was very happy with the service. He said “Legit! I paid and the order shipped the next day.! I received my order as I requested and in less than two weeks! Will definitely continue to order and refer”.

A customer Bud had posted a review on 17-1-2016, he ordered Sustanon and received efficiently. He liked the results of medicines and had ordered twice with the same results and activity. Great Results and Support. I made a small initial order of Sustanon and arrived 3 weeks later, getting results exactly like the old school “Sus” from Mexico. I have now received a second order with same great results. The only drawback is 3 wk shipping time to the USA but honestly would accept longer as long as the product is legitimate. Save frustration and trust these guys, Thanks much”. Consumer Reports in 2016 Consumer Reports in 2016

World Pharma Coupon Codes:

It is a general trend that most of the online pharmacies offer discount and coupons to increase their customer number. No one says no to a saving option, right? I have also browsed the website to check for the discounts.

There is a special offer for new customers when they purchase a medical product first time from World Pharma and register through it. They will get 20 % off on first purchase. Discount is only valid when a customer makes a purchase for about $ 200.

  • Another offer by the official website is 10 % off during spring on an order of $ 300. It is only valid in spring up to May.
  • has also discount for IronMag members up to 30% on an order of $ 500. Discounts Discounts Discount Codes Discount Codes
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