Worldselectshop Review – Unrealiable Vendor Not Worth Recommendations

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While browsing different online pharmacy stores I have found World select Shop on my way and chose it for a review.

The World select Shop has claimed that it is providing medicines at lowest prices on the internet. It offers its customers with generic products without a prescription. It has been working as an online store since 2001 and it is located might be in China as reported by scam advisor. It is following all rules and regulations as the pharmaceutical industries have. It is providing Indian FDA approved products as all products are Indian. The main categories are men’s health including ED, asthma, anti-acidity, diabetics, antibiotics, anti-viral, arthritis, contraceptives, CVS, blood pressure, GIT, general health, pain relief, skin care, insomnia, weight loss and women’s health.

I have decided to check the price list of all generic products available at this website. It has really attractive prices with further discounts and bonuses. The price range of Viagra 100 mg tablet is from $ 1.17 to $ 3.27 per tablet while price range for Cialis 20 mg is from $ 1.27 to $ 3.36 per tablet. This is a very reasonable price list for ED pills. It accepts payment through VISA, Master card, JCB, and Diners.

I have noticed that it is shipping all order through registered airmail and EMS. The duration of airmail shipment is up to 21 days in $ 14.95 and for EMS it can ship the order in maximum 10 days and charge $ 29.95 per order. Shipment cost is very reasonable; it also offers free shipment on different order limits.

This online pharmacy offers refund policy with a 10 % re-stocking fees. So it is good to have 90 % refunds if the product does not satisfy me. For further inquiries, I can contact them through email or phone call. I have called them and the call was attended by its customer care representatives, who has replied to all the questions. I have not received a reply for email, though. Reviews:

It is important for me to know what other customers are saying about, because I want a verification for its claims. I do not want to waste my money by just making a decision in hassle.

The World select Shop has claimed on its main page that it is providing medicines at the lower possible price and it is providing best quality generic products. This claim can only be assessed through real people experience.

I have found reviews on a website other than World select Shop official site and all customer reviews are negative. Moreover, Legit Script has given a status of rogue to

A customer Dan M had rated it one star and posted a review on 7/28/2013: he was unhappy with this online pharmacy. He has got worst experience while purchasing through World select shop. He said, “worst experience ever, they rip you off, bad customer service, I was duped, still kicking myself”.

Iron c, another customer, had posted a comment on 9/2/2011 and he rated it one star. He labeled this website as a fraud. While answering the question of another customer he told that it had not delivered his order even after a month. He said, “they are frauds; I paid for an order a month ago, they not even replying to my emails”.

Reviews of
Reviews of

It has really bad service as reported by negative reviews on other websites.

Worldselectshop Reviews 2016:

After accessing website information and previous reviews I want to get the recent reviews because reviews can tell the recent story. I have found positive, but fake reviews in 2016.

Michael Lewis had posted a comment as a positive feedback. He had experience with few online pharmacies but this last chance had made him happy. He said “In the past, I had some unpleasant experiences with one too many online pharmacies, but recently I took a chance for one last time. You gave me my confidence back; my only hope is that people will experience what it means to work with a real online herbal pharmacy”.

Another customer Dan Estevez had posted a review about it and he was praising about their customer service. He had also purchased an herbal product that he had found effective and received a bonus as well. He said “I’m hard man to please, all my life I have worked people, and you showed me the meaning of a real customer service with welcoming arms. People should also know that you’re professionalism in dealing with clients comes with a very big bonus: high quality herbal supplements that personally made my life much easier”. testimonials testimonials

The scam advisor report is totally against the customer reviews found on the official seller’s site. These in-store reviews are usually posted by a seller just to boost prospects confidence in shopping at their stores. Scam advisor reports it as a threat listed website that may be from China. It has unknown popularity and has few views count. has been threat listed has been threat listed

World select shop Coupon Codes:

To facilitate more customers the World select Shop has offered few discounts. Coupones Coupones
  • It will give me 5 % discount that will be termed as intermediate discount according to their policy.
  • It will offer 10 % discount on discount code if I will make a purchase above $ 100.
  • I can receive 15 % discount code for life time on an order of above $ 200.
  • It is also offering free pills with each order as a bonus.
  • It is offering free airmail shipment on an order of over $ 150.
  • I can have free EMS shipment if I will purchase medicines having cost more than $ 300.
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