Xanadu-Games.com Review – Vendor Offering Misleading Info!

Front Page of Xanadu-Games.com
Front Page of Xanadu-Games.com

As soon as this page opened I can tell from the onset, Xanadu-Games.com is going to be a scam. There’s absolutely no correlation between a Chinese games website domain, being used for a Canadian drugstore – if that isn’t enough to immediately put potential buyers off, then let’s see what else I can find.

So, the website clearly displays along with its logo that it has the ‘best-selling drugs from Canada’, however taking a looks at the WhoIs Lookup, this website is registered and located in Latvia – which obviously isn’t even close to Canada. The site was also created in early 2016, so we know that it’s very new, and not an established company.

In terms of the main assortment, there is definitely a large variety of products that appear to cover several medical conditions. After taking a look at the page for Viagra, I can see that the lowest available price works out at $0.80 per pill, buying 360 at once – this price seems rather average for a generic pill, so we’ll move on.

This is interesting. In the ‘Questions’ section of Xanadu-Games.com, whilst looking to find if the site is a scam or not, I have been able to find that the products are manufactured and shipped from India. All of them are approved by Indian FDA for export.

So whilst they may be of a good Indian quality, and the company may actually ship a product as opposed to just taking your money, they have actually admitted that the products are not shipped from Canada. So now we have a Latvian company, claiming to be from Canada, and offering products shipped from India, I wonder how many other countries they might involve.

Credit cards and Echecks are accepted forms of payment. Two shipping methods are currently offered – Airmail (US Postal Service for USA customers) and Courier Delivery. Airmail takes 2-3 weeks, whilst The EMS Courier Delivery can take 5-7 days. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a price bracket for these shipping methods, however, I would expect them to be in the $20-$30 range.

Whilst there is no live chat to test, there is a toll number available that I called, but received no answer – this could be as the business in currently close, however given the time of writing this being mid afternoon. One interesting thing I have found whilst doing this is that the company admits it is located in the Czech Republic, as part of Europharm Group Inc. – despite claiming to be a Canadian company, the fact that it admits that it is based in the Czech Republic is somewhat reassuring.

There is little content written regarding the website refund policy, however, they do appear to offer money back if you aren’t happy with the product, and the product isn’t opened. It offers a number to call in the event of this.

Xanadu-Games.com Reviews:

Xanadu-Games.com Reviews
Xanadu-Games.com Reviews

Moving on to the reviews, there are some reasonable and authentic looking testimonials on Xanadu-Games.com. However, these cannot be trusted at face value, as the website operators could have written them themselves. In each of the examples above you can see that the reviews are very well written, with only some slight deviations of grammar which one would expect every now and then, the top two reviews, in particular, have been written at a native English level.

One suspicious thing I did notice on the testimonials website, is that almost all the testimonials (except for maybe 2 or 3) refer to having received their ‘package’ – out of all the people writing reviews, you would expect there to be a more diverse usage of other words, for example, products, parcel, etc. – however I guess this just solidifies that these website reviews are actually fake.

Xanadu Games Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on Xanadu Games
Scamadviser Report on Xanadu Games

Whilst I can’t find any reviews from independent websites, a quick look on Scam Advisor shows me that this website has a 53% trust rating, indicating that it might be legitimate. I’d be inclined to agree with that as it is indeed very hard to tell if Xanadu-Games.com is a scam, or legitimate, as it offers valid reasoning for each of these to be true.

Xanadu-Games Coupon Codes:

Free Pills Offer on Xanadu-Games
Free Pills Offer on Xanadu-Games

Whilst there aren’t any coupon codes to be found for Xanadu-Games.com, they do appear to offer free pills with each order, and free express delivery on orders over $300 – both of which I am unable to confirm.

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