Xpillz.com Review – Site without Reviews but with Good ED Prices

Xpillz.com Front
Xpillz.com Front

One of the main selling points of Xpillz.com is having quality products and passing them on to its clients at a lower cost. Aside from the company motto and other catchy information, there is none else pertaining to the location of the company and its service information, which, I think, is actually common among steroid sites.

According to the site information, it is an approved Geneza Pharmaceutical Supplier as it is also its legal distributor. Xpillz.com even offered the link to Geneza’s site for verification. The company kept on mentioning that it is selling only “quality” products but did not say if the products were approved by institutions such as the FDA or WHO. Since steroids are generally not allowed to be sold online, Xpillz.com does not require verifications for orders like the paper prescriptions. Xpillz.com does not require its clients to submit the needed Rx in order to dispense the products. Clients should be wary of ordering meds like anabolic steroids online as in some cases civilian arrests are made for those in possession of controlled substances such as steroids.

Not only are steroids sold on the site; Xpillz.com included herbal medicines, weight loss products, and ED products. There are a number of Erectile Dysfunction meds on the list of available products, but they were not visible until searched in the database. Both brand and generic ones were available too. I was able to find Viagra (Pfizer), Cialis (Lilly), and a lot of Indian generics like Kamagra, Tadalis, and such. Although temporarily out-of-stock, Viagra is still available for viewing on the site. It costs $32 for 4 pills. Cialis, on the other hand, is sold at $57 for 10 pills. The prices for the ED products are good, which made the ED products from the famous brands quite affordable.

Shipping costs $25 on all Airmail-shipped items (takes 2-3 weeks) and EMS costs $60 (takes 10-12 days). HGH and Peptides are shipped Airmail too but cost $50 for the special handling instructions. Payments accepted by the site are from Western Union, MoneyGram, Coinstar, and Wire Transfer. Unlike the common online pharmacies, Xpillz.com does not accept any forms of credit card payment. Unfortunately, no discussions were made regarding returns and refunds of payments for cases of problems regarding shipping. Customs seizure was mentioned and Xpillz.com gave directives on how to deal with the problem, but the site did not offer a clear solution to the concern.

Clients may be able to reach the site using its live chat support or ticketing system (via a site form). There were no phone numbers and addresses on the site.

Customer Service Support via Live Chat on Xpillz.com
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on Xpillz.com

X Pillz Reviews:

Since there were claims of being a reliable steroid shop and selling high-quality meds, I was expecting Xpillz.com to have reviews from satisfied clients. But I was unable to find even a single one, even from the site. And because there were no available reviews for Xpillz.com, I can only assume that it is not a site to be trusted. Not yet, anyway.

Xpillz Reviews 2016:

Xpillz Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Xpillz Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

Reviews from 2016 were also unavailable for Xpillz.com, so I checked its status on Scam Adviser’s site. It was rated 49% and was labeled “unsafe” due to the results. The site has been in the business for almost 7 years but it was detected to have a “Rogue” status since 2013. Also, reports of malware were detected for the site, which is not something a client would like to know about a potential supplier.

Xpillz.com Coupon Codes:

No coupon codes were available on the site. The site was unable to give its clients extra discounts on its products. Free shipping was also unavailable on the site, regardless of order amount. Xpillz.com could have done better to attract more clients to buy from it.

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