Review – Brand New Drug Shop to Order Prescription Medication Front Front claims to be the preferred online drug store for many customers. They purport to be the new kid on the block acting as the conveyer belt to the customers seeking to order their prescriptions online. This prompts me to check the site as I am seeking for a reliable place to order my prescription. does not indicate where it is located or when they started operating and that kind of turned me off. However, they do indicate that they sell FDA approved drugs with an outstanding shelf life and are quite effective. They go ahead to state that they handpick their supplier to make sure that they vend top-notch medicine.

According to, they offer a wide range of medicine that includes Anti-biotic, Anti-smoking, Acne skin care and others. Since I am looking for ED drugs I am interested in the men’s health counter and the prices are pocket-friendly as Levitra is being sold at $0.60 per pill and Tadlafil is selling at $0.30 per pill. These pills are quite cheap and come packaged in different quantities so that I can meet my exact requirement of dosage. This cubs cases of overdosage and underdosage.

Yourpillshop is quite considerate as they accept E-checks and Western Union as the mode of payment while ordering from them. also offers International Airmail as the sole shipment method which takes 5-12 working days to reach me in case I order from them. However, selective amnesia seems to be rocking as they haven’t indicated the shipping cost. However, if I don’t explicitly state the shipping cost, I am automatically charged $25. After the order is confirmed, they will issue an order number and it is packaged and immediately dispatched. I seek to further understand what would happen in case my order is damaged or lost before it reaches me. In this case, conveniently indicates that they will reship the order at no extra cost or refund the money.

I am only allowed to cancel my order before it is dispatched. Once it is dispatched chances of canceling it are next to zero. This makes sense even to a kindergarten kid, once you book a flight and by chance miss it, only a lot can be done. I mean they can’t delay the whole flight due to one client who couldn’t keep time. assures me if my order does not reach within the stipulated date they will reship my product without incurring an extra cost. They say that such instances rarely occur and may only arise as a result of incorrect address and customs delay. To clarify about the refund policy since it was a bit ambiguous for me, I contacted the store through the live chat and got no reply and I am yet to get one.

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Since I never got a reply from the customer care, it would only be wise to check the customer’s reviews section and to my surprise, there was no customer feedback. Our forefathers always said that an empty hand cannot be licked. No reviews mean a lot to diligent online regulars like me. This is a red flag for as a site that purports to be the leeway to online drug shopping. For this reason, I would consider as not a safe place to order drugs from. Reviews 2016

However, my all-time favorite independent review site succeeds in resuscitating my hope. indicates that despite being new, it is a safe place to purchase from. They have a strong rating in terms of being safe.

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We all know that many online drug stores prefer using a carrot than stick in order to attract customers on their site. is an exception on this as my search ended being futile as there was no sign of any coupon or discount. Probably because the site is new as indicated by and they are still figuring out the best deals for their customers. Would you rather deal with the devil that you know than the angel you don’t know?

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